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Forex Trading Course
Dear Brain Forex School and new traders. We welcome you to the Brain Forex TradingCourse where we will introduce you to the basics in trading, promote understanding and assist you in your trading career. We hope this guide will help all of you to increase your knowledge about forex trading and allow you to enhance your profitability.

This trading guide will be split into ten parts where we will teach you basic forex knowledge in order to make your forex trading easier and your nights calmer. In addition to our Forex Trading Course we recommend that you bookmark the following services offered by Brain Forex School to all its clients:

Education is a solid foundation for success in forex market. If you wish to get stable and growing income, you need to examine all the details of the financial markets such as creating a trading strategy, working with MetaTrader 4 trading platform, defining support and resistance levels of currencies, etc. We offer you free forex trading course on the most relevant and interesting topics in the field.

Our materials of trader training course were created for both professionals, working in the financial markets for a long time, and for those, who are just starting their way in the forex. Successful work in the financial markets requires knowledge and experience, so each trader must devote much time to forex course, taking new knowledge step by step.

Our Brain Forex School takes care of our customers and made all the necessary conditions to provide high-quality knowledge of the forex market and in order to provide the most profitable advices of the financial market.

Individual training is really a lot more unique, and it’s advised that the trader have basic forex training ahead of entering. An assigned advisor, typically an effective trader, will go through strategy and risk management, but spend the majority of the period teaching by means of placing actual trades.

The standing of a course is most beneficial gauged through talking to other traders and taking part in online discussion boards. The more info you may gather through people, who’ve taken these kind of courses, the well informed you may become and make a good choice.

We encourage our clients to spend some time with our forex trading course that focuses both on beginners and already skilled traders alike. This training course was developed jointly by dealers and traders on the basis of experience and market research.

What the main topics covered in our forex course?

  1. Forex Trading basics
  2. What is Forex Trading?
  3. Learn Forex
  4. Support and Resistance
  5. Types Of Analysis
  6. Trend Line
  7. Currency Trading for Dummies
  8. Forex Market Hours
  9. Creating and Believing in a Forex Strategy
  10. Demo Account
  11. Forex Charts
  12. CFD

Warren Buffet trading strategy

For beginners of forex we advise to read, especially, first several sections of the course, including information on technical and fundamental analysis. They will help you to learn how to predict the financial market on the basis of generally accepted methods of analysis, build a simple trading strategy and begin trading on the basis of the most liked techniques.

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