Forex Tutorial
June 2, 2017

5/15 minutes time frame high probability system by Almo

ok lets some explanations on how to trade with this system

Rules :

1.i trade mostly the 5min chart
2.i trade only from Europe open till UK close
3.Red news release, I don’t trade 30min before and start to trade 15 min after the release even if I have strong signal!
5.i have another system only for GU but its not connected to this thread so I will not go into it
6.RR will be at least 1:1
7.i don’t enter trade if I see that price stand on S/R zone even I have signal , I will wait it will break it and close 5min candle above/below it!
those are the very basic rules please consider them as well for your own sake!
another thing I might say and write here ,
there is no holly grail system out there I can tell so, those who think or tell you that there is one out there I can tell its scam shit issue
please friends don’t believe for HG scammer’s with my very experience there is no HG only on fairy tells
please use also with good MM and don’t be greedy cause there is no 100% winners and we need to deal also with looses !
ok this is my rules + my mantra
now lets move and see how we usually take trades.


Looks very interesting. Can’t wait to get all the details on this system. I see some of the indicators are based on times other than M5 and M15. Patiently waiting for more posts on this system.


Wishing you all the very best with this idea of yours Almo………..

Hope you make plenty of pips mate….

I’ll be following along from time to time especially considering the high volatility pairs you are trading.