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May 29, 2017

Are You Disappointed in Trading?

Why me? Why did this happen to me? Those are some of the questions that disturb losing traders. After a series of losses, some of them develop hatred for trading. Suffering that results from negative trades, drawdowns and margin calls can make people easily disappointed in trading.

Nonetheless, no matter how bad your trading is, it could’ve been worse. No matter how bad things are, there are still some reasons to be thankful, if you can think deep.

There are events that move the markets and which professionals focus on. These events often are filled with uncertainties, bringing profits and losses to people. Just some months ago, Greece was a hot topic, and speculators were mulling opening positions on the seemingly overextended markets, but some had serious misgivings. At times, the stakes may be higher than the rewards.

There Is Really Nothing Like Losses

There is really nothing like losses, for what brings losses to some people is what brings profits to others. The market moves up or down – not losing up or down. When you buy EURUSD and it goes up, you win (but a seller will lose). When you sell AUDJPY and it goes up, you lose (but a buyer will win). When you enter a direction in the market and it moves seriously in your favor, all those who go in that direction will make money, provided there are no wide differences in their entry prices.

What you call losses is what brings profits to some people. What you call profits is what brings losses to some people.

People Don’t Learn Their Lessons
Despite well-meaning efforts to solve the problem of loss, there are millions of traders around the world who’re still losing because of dangerous trading habits. People don’t learn their lessons.

During a funeral process, many attendees will be remorseful, thinking about the brevity of life and futility of wickedness, anxiety, love of money and so on. But once the funeral is done, you’ll see many of those attendees living their lives as if they’d not die again.

Too many traders lost in the past because they didn’t use stop loss on live and simulated accounts. When they come back to trading, you’ll see them using the same trading approaches that led to their downfall the last time, namely, high lot sizes and no stop loss. People don’t learn their lessons.

Traders who test new trading ideas on demos don’t use stops; and I wonder how that idea can survive on live accounts in the long haul, because they may apply it to a demo account once they’ve been lucky enough to gather some gains.

A Way Out?
After many years of grappling with the markets, traders who complained in the past may later show their gratitude; and for the fact that the markets cannot be blamed for what happen to them (though we may feel disappointed sometimes). There are days when they become sad, and they complain when they think of their seeming helplessness. Nonetheless, they’d have come to understand that the markets don’t set out to punish individuals.

Interacting with good traders as well as reading about super successful ones would’ve made them stronger psychologically and kept their spirits up.

Reflecting on a possibility of a risk-free trading approach reassures those who’re currently losing. Good trading coaches care about them, knowing full well that the end of their struggles is in sight. Focusing on such hope can give a trader the fortitude to endure certain negativity now.

Conclusion: Are you disappointed in trading? Well those who currently make loads of money from trading were once disappointed at some time in their careers. Those whose marriage is now successful were at one time, frustrated by their spouse. But these people, for example, profitable traders (as well as happily married persons), looked for solutions to their problems and apply those solutions faithfully. That doesn’t mean they’re luckier or better than others: that means they’re able to overcome the causes of frustrations and disappointment in their careers.


I am already get earning from forex business and not disappointed in this bsuiness for now, in daily trading although only treat forex as part time business but I am felt enjoy in this business which if we can manage the risk hence forex will making comfortable in trading, learn and never give up even use demo account before get disappointment


I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed, but I’ve definitely sobered up completely about it. I have no illusions that it’s an easy job. Forex trading takes quite a bit of effort, time, often money as well, and one just has to accept that.


I am not disappointed in forex business, but I am felt happy with forex business because this is also as one reat source of income, in addition if we have many skill in this bsuiness, we can get more earning like as if we become IB or partner broker and get many client register under us hence will get commissiioon as additional income

Yes some time when i have to face loss i feel disappointed and try to develop other trading strategy and good indicators that give much best result in trading and it is good for you if you improve you trading system with time and get much experience.

the feeling of disappointment  comes sometimes with losses, but it’s important to know how to handle losses. It’s not the tragedy, it’s not the end of the world. everything comes, sooner or later
I do not called it failure because there is nothing like a failure in life, it is just a break where we stop thinking about positive aspects of our mistakes. So learn from mistakes and move on for new positive movement.