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August 21, 2016

Best Forex trading platform | Trading platform

Best Forex trading platform | Trading platform

Generally, true multi-asset platforms are rather rare since they are very costly to build, and no one to my knowledge has really done one natively for Mac yet.

So if it’s a must-have for you to have all the assets listed in the question headline, I’d agree that thinkorswim is probably your best bet. Otherwise, I would look around for a web-based platform.

If you’re satisfied with being able to trade Forex, Metals, Commodities and Indices though, the field opens up a bit:

a) There are plenty of web-based trading platforms that will obviously run on Mac (typically belonging to the broker, i.e. Interactive Brokers), but might not be very “Mac-like” (imo) in their interface, user experience etc.

b) We built Tradable to support Mac from day 1 (disclaimer: I’m a co-founder of the company, so everything from hereon out is obviously biased), but were also heavily inspired by OSX in our overall design of the platform — i.e. we have our own version of a built-in trading platform app marketplace where you can easily purchase financial trading tools, similar to OSX’s App Store. It also works on Windows but around half of our users are using Mac, which is way more than industry standards (which are also generally affected by the fact that most traders (still) use Windows and PCs!)

my advice is to try this one: Forex EXPERT ADVISOR EA best Proprietary Algorithms

Carlos López, Currency Trader


I use OSX. No platform built for it is good enough. I run Windows 7 on a virtual machine and on it I run MT4. Also cTrader. These two have many indicators you can load up on both platforms.

However, I suggest you use tradingview, as it is a nice tool to draw levels, patterns, etc. I actually do all my trade set ups on tradingview and just execute them on web based cTrader. You can use the free features on tradingview or subscribe to get more juice out of it.

Most retail FX brokers offer MT4 and cTrader, fir demo accounts, which you should be doing first. And they perform best on Windows. Your Mac can handle it just fine, I stay away from OSX apps since I have not found one that is fully reliable.

Hope it helps.

Scott Phillips, I am a professional futures trader


I use OSX and I have not found a completely satisfactory solution. Right now my production machines are windows virtual servers and I remote desktop into them. I have also tried using parallels virtual machine running windows apps. It’s ok I guess, but not ideal in my opinion.

There are a few OSX specific apps, thinkorswim is one, but to me they are strictly amateur hour platforms.

The actual execution platform of interactive brokers runs on Java, and is therefore platform independent and runs fine on OSX. Personally I prefer to use a 3rd party charting program (I use both ninjatrader and esignal).

For what it’s worth, Esignal runs better on a virtual machine under parallels than ninjatrader. It’s probably good enough.

Nick James, Trading currencies since early 2008. Cable is my fav. <3 Long term trades.


I don’t think there is any trading platform especially designed for Mac OS. Some brokers MT4 wrapped to run on a Mac, and, even though it is quite an ok solution, it is still not as good as MT4 on a Windows machine. Hence, I’d suggest you go with one of the web trading solutions, depending on what are you looking for I have outlined 2 viable options:

Best For Starters – UTIP Trading Platform

This is actually a platform that is not know by most of the traders as so far. What is great about it is that it has great charting and a few of the technical indicators and some graphical objects.

While it allows some technical analysis, it also fully runs in your web browser. I feel that it is a great platform for the starters as you don’t need to download and install an app, but you can still have a some indicators without feeling drawn in 100+ of the options. You can visit the site of the developer here: UTIP Trading Platform

More Advanced – cTrader

This platform also comes as a standalone desktop application, but is also available as a web app. It is pretty fast, offers a great amount of useful features and, in my opinion, it is better than MT4 in every single way.

It also offers quite a wide scope of features and automated trading. However, if you are a beginner, I’d suggest you to start with UTIP.

Pavel Livshits, Biz Dev


cTrader by far. Don’t take my word for it, try for yourself. And for beginners they have youtube videos that explain everything A to Z, i’m not a new trader but found some tricks that helped me out.

Kevin Furlong

Kevin Furlong


I personally prefer Trading 212’s proprietary apps, available on web and for mobile devices (iOS and Android native apps). Works decently on Mac. Supports different types of pending orders, chart options, indicators and drawings. Dummy accounts with fake money are supported as well. There is a weekend trading mode with the dummy account. What I really like about the real money account is the negative balance protection, meaning you can lose the money in your account only and cannot owe money to the broker. FCA (UK) and FSC (Bulgaria) trading licenses available. I recommend both the web app and the iOS app I use on my iPhone 6s.

Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor, Avid NY session FX trader


It took me a while but I found what I consider the best trading platform for mac: Trade Interceptor. By the way, I have a 2011 MacBook Pro and my broker is Oanda. I started out using MT4 in parallel, then MT4 with fusion, then MT4 with a wine wrapper, then MT4 with Wine, and several others. However, on many of those, the implementation of MT4 on mac wasn’t ideal. I even used the fxtrade java platform with Oanda, but that was horrible. But thank goodness I found the Trade Interceptor platform. I know I sound like an evangelist here, but I am in no way affiliated with them, except being a happy TI user. Here are a few reasons why I think they are the best.

1.) You can Paper trade.

2.) You can Paper trade in the PAST. YES! Pick whatever time frame and currency you want to trade, and it will put you back there as if you were trading that time frame today. You can even control the speed of the candles as they appear or pause it. All in the past as if it’s real time.

3.) Excellent customer service!!! They aren’t based in the US, although I am. However, their customer service is probably the best I’ve ever encountered. I email their support, and within 24 hours I have a reply with my question completely answered. Matter of fact, my questions are generally answered well beyond what was needed.

4.) Updates. They add new features consistently.

5.) They also have a whole section on their site where they take requests for new updates and then show you if someone has suggested that particular idea, as well as where they are on implementing it.

6.) Their mobile platform is rated the best mobile trading platform. I don’t really trade using an iPad or iPhone, but I’ve checked the platform out on those devices, and it’s unbelievable.

7.) I can trade multiple accounts and multiple brokers all within one window.

Just give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Seham Hatem, I’m a forex trader and marketer since 2009, my site:


You have 2 options:

1. You can use Oanda Service who offers this feature for mac users… but it’s not the best platform: Forex Trading | Trade Currency Online | Forex Broker | OANDA FX Trading | OANDA

2. The best choice is to use MT4 offered by Orbex which gives Mac trader users the ability to operate on a platform designed for Apple Computers.

Hope that help