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June 2, 2017

Candle time indicator

hello there, I am looking for an indicator that tells me how much time is left on the current candle… can someone  point me in the right direction.
Thank you!

here is the best one I ever ran across.
Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Say you’re on a H1 chart – rather then it saying;

40mins to close of bar

it could say

H1 40mins to close of bar
H4 3hrs 40mins to close of bar
D1 20hrs 40mins to close of bar

(all in the top left of a H1 chart) Something like that…

Just found this is if it’s of any use to people. As I put in the thread there, I think it would be better to display in hrs:mins but it’s what I was looking for nonetheless



i dont think any1 would make such a thing, u can easily drop a time frame and it will auto adjust.
having an indicator telling when candle close wouldn’t be worth the coding as u probably need to see how the candle close or similar on the actual time frame