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June 2, 2017

How to close all opened positions at specific time

can someone please add in “day of week” option to this EA
currently it has a close all position at certain time, but it apply to every day of the week
I want to close all position before weekend starts (close all on Friday at 14:55 EST) for an example.


Thanks Kenz what gr8 errors … Pure noob coding errors !
Thanks a lot again

NEW EA Attached
Kindly Let me know if it works…! Please dont use it on live account without testing !
Do keep in mind..this was my First reply to an EA request (with code)

(I have been trying to help this guy, thinking to learn some coding in between
and after so much of tries. (copy paste, some logic etc etc)..
i should say i am UNSUCCESSFUL
Can somebody tell me why there are so many “)” parenthesis errors in my code and help me correct it !)


I never writing a post but I’ve been reading this forum for many months, is the best, do not write because my English is not good, Sorry my English.
Wonder if someone can help me.
How to close all opened positions at specific price.
a programmer can create a script to close 15 or 20 position while at a specified price? for example I want to close all my positions at $1.2700.