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May 29, 2017

Did you earn from Forex?

Hi guys, how many of you have earn from forex and can say that it is good for us. Please give ur suggestion?

I don’t earn much, but I trade only part-time, so I don’t depend on my Forex income.


That good, so you are a part time trader. I usually trade everyday and i wanted to know whether people who trade in my extent whether the achieve big earning or almost some good profit. As far as for me, there is time where i win something but time where thing goes bad. I guess that trading with the necessary tools and knowledge in the forex market can be an advantage for we traders. I would welcome if there are people interested in it and can share there adventure in the market whether it is bad or good??


its not like a big earning since i trade small account, but its positive, I do make withdrawals on a monthly basis from hotforex and keep it small, it really helps as an extra income.. maybe someday when im good enough i can quite my day job and trade forex


Yes i am earn from forex. It is the best investing site of the world to easy earn but it has some rule and maintain to gain.I am start forex at 2010 and still running. First time i am loss with forex but now starting to earn. So dont worry cary on.


This is my first year trading full time, it can be done!…….slow and steady. BUT! as I am learning full time trading is not the liberating, weightless freedom experience that I thought it would be. It is far from it, truth be told. I traded for years to build the account to where I could do it and sometimes I actually miss my 9-5……


Nice to hear that some of you are doing good in forex. This shows that people are really interested in forex nowadays. From now i have come across many people who trade forex on daliy basis and they are happy with it. Even though at first they were losing but they never give up as they know when they will learn from the mistake, they will do come back and take that money back from forex. I will just have one advice for you guys, how good you may be never let you up to forex. If you think the way you are earning is the best, just follow it.


Some of the online resources [free] are quite detailed enough to provide all newbies with the bare facts of the market. The challenge lies in taking that information and converting it to knowledge, in other words, translating your trades into real profits, good luck!


Yeah, the sad part is that most newbies tend to fall for the “Make a million overnight in the Forex market” one liner and guess what, most of the materials for sale [the ones that is alleged to provide you with a secret edge to tap this market] start with that one liner.
While the market is legit and there are various regulators, there’s none when it comes to scummy sales promos, making unrealistic promises and so on..
So, to the newbies reading this thread, take care and double/triple check any info you come across.


That true, not every information about forex is useful for trading. You need to check well and if ever you have any doubts you need to ask and confirm it. This is very essential as at the beginning you will just follow your steps and others. So if you decide to copy a trader make sure that you follow him/her on daily basis. As a beginner i did some of these mistakes and today i learned from it. I will just advise newbies to make proper researches in forex and then start your trading from it. That really good that you put this here Fxpipper. Anyone who have some ideas and suggestions concerning forex, please post!!