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June 1, 2017

Finally Naked

Just deleted all technical tools off my chart today.

I call it a revolution – evolution maybe is a better word;-)

Goodbye to all the fancy indicators, MA(EMA), RSI, MACD, DMI, BB, KD…

I will trade it naked in the future

Anyone join me?


Yes, first thing to clarify is that I am a day-trader. Still I think for medium-term trading, techs are still useful tools. E-waves, FIBOs…

For intraday, I am now actually using a so called ‘non-tech strategy’.

It works.


Please welcome a late-comer. But anyhow I am here, too.


I’m going there,
but rsi love me so much,
somebody please gime me some nice words to leave her without breaking her heart.


I’ve traded without indicators for a long time and have recently added back trendlines, which I don’t consider to be an indicator but rather a support/resistance tool that helps me see trend direction. I think getting away from the indicator fog is very helpful because virtually all indicators are momentum measures in some form or other, which tend to lose clarity/meaning in strong moving markets. And too much of anything makes your price chart too small to be useful anyway. The key is to make use of whatever helps you see what is actually happening, and for most people that means peeling off layers so they can focus on the actual price movement. One other thing I’ve shed is candlestick analysis, though I do prefer to look at longer term bars as candles and shorter term charts as line and dot charts. Anyway, if it works keep on doing it, and if it doesn’t then keep making adjustments until you get a setup you like. KEY POINT: The market isn’t what is shown in our charts – charts are merely a lens through which we perceive the market!
Dear All.

Just reading this thread, i was asking my self how do you trade naked without any thing…???

How do you determine where the price will go and how much to put stop loss.

Can you guide me a little bit and tell me where to get info from??