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What is Forex?
Forex or Spot Forex is the foreign trade. A country’s currency in the Forex market you can buy and sell a country’s currency.
Udaharanasarupa, America’s currency is limited or the USA dollar, the currency of Britain or UK pounds. In the forex market by selling dollars to buy a pound or pound-dollar sale. The dollar or the pound currency of the country in which you can trade in the forex market.
how is it possible to earn from forex market?

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Always paribaratanasila currency of the country. You may have seen in the newspapers that the dollar is strong against the dollar, sometimes, sometimes money is expected to strengthen against the dollar. It is the world’s most currencies biparitei. So, if you are buying the dollar, then the euro’s value against the dollar by selling dollars you can buy the euro. Again, if the euro strengthens against the dollar, the euro and sell dollars more you can get.
There may also be able to sell for $ 100 when you purchase 80 euros. 120 euros and sell dollars after the price was increased. This way, you can earn. Linearly with increase market share at the price of the shares (buy), we can profit. In the forex market, a currency strong or weak two cases have the opportunity to profit in the forex market is the biggest advantage.
Advantages of forex trading (Forex Blog)
– In the past, only the rich or big banks would have the opportunity to trade the forex market. But now, with the time change and competition increases due to the advent of the forex broker that anyone from any country in the world can trade the forex market.
– Only 1 dollar to trade Forex as possible. Besides, almost all the benefits of trading with a free demo Brokers you will, that is, with virtual money. First, prepare yourself so you can take a free demo trading and demo trading success of the deposit, you can start the real trade.
– The scope of the Forex market is much larger and this will be possible to manipulate the market. New York is the world’s biggest stock market, stock market and forex market size of more than 5 times. Remember, the value of the dollar or the euro, the government of any country which does not determine the price. The country’s economic situation and financial events in the context of the country’s currency value is automatically changed. You can buy the dollar or the euro, the dollar or the euro purchase price will be for sale in all countries of the world.
– To trade in the Forex market leverage of the loan facility is available, and so very little movement in the market you can make a good profit.
– ( Forex Blog )Forex Scalping is a very popular word. This means that for a very short period of open trade. Forex market changes very little good profit. Many of the 10 or 15 seconds to open a trade and take profit when it goes out of the trade.
– Forex market from Monday to Friday, 5 days a week, day-night stays open for 4 hours. And so, you make business or employer, the forex market, you can trade your convenience.
– Forex trading you can do at home, there is no need to go outside. And so the family can give you plenty of time.(Forex Blog BD)
– To trade the forex market you need to be online all of the account opening deposit or withdraw from the account also much easier.
– If you can trade well, then we encourage you to deposit and if you can manage their trade and you will receive a portion of their profits.
– Finally, a successful and experienced Forex traders can earn plenty from the market.
It is recommended, to be an efficient and successful trader, you have to study a lot about the Forex market, will make himself eligible for this market. Forex market without knowing something that no one can earn the first of many. Remember, the forex market is like the stock market is challenging. Initially, the stock market may not know many people that can succeed. However, if you survive for a long time, there is no alternative other than the expert.
In a word, the forex market is not recession. You can just buy because the stock market, forex market, you can either buy or sell.
(Forex Blog Word Wide) When stock market is going down and down, in forex, one currency is always up!
What is required for forex trading?
Your Internet connection to a PC or Windows Mobile? Enough.

How do I sell the dollar or other currency?
If you want to trade forex, you first need to open an account with a forex broker and the deposit to be. You can easily open an account online in minutes. Are you a variety of online currency such as PayPal, Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve, etc. can immediately deposit to your account and you can start trading Forex.
However, most people usually deposit in the bank’s forex brokers. Then, after opening the account, your broker will receive detailed information on bank account number and bank deposit.
When completed, you deposit in your account to trade can begin. Forex trading online is through software. This software can be downloaded for free from your broker website. Broker software is installed with the user name and password when signing in to the pair of chart and price list will be loaded and you open your trade / can close. ( Forex Blog)

What is a trade?
The simple answer currency. Because we are not buying anything. So this type of trading may seem somewhat confusing.
When we buy a currency of a country when we are buying some shares, a stock is like buying replacements. The price of the currency of the country’s current and future economic conditions image.
When we Japanese Yen (buy), we basically buy a share of the Japanese economy. We believe that the Japanese economy is improving and will improve further in the future. When we sold the shares (sell) will, I hope we will receive.
In general, the exchange rate of a currency with another currency other than the economy reflects the country’s economy.
Major Currencies

(Forex Blog BD) Currency symbols of the three characters, the first two countries, and the third refers to the name refers to the name of the country’s currency.
In the case of such NZD, NZ has meant that New Zealand, and D refers to the Dollar. Easy, is not it?
Karensigulo the main reason they are the most commonly traded.
Buck is the USD ‘s nickname.
Who USD- greenbacks, bones, benjis, benjamins, cheddar, paper, loot, scrilla, cheese, bread, moolah, dead presidents, coco and cash money is called.

Basic Forex Market
Currency Pair (currency pairs):

Stock market value of shares of any rule set to be the country’s currency. For example, our market share at a share price is determined.

The Forex market is impossible to determine the value of the currency or currencies. Euro or the dollar may not have any value. 1 For example, the money can be found for $ 73. The $ 1 can be obtained only 0.70 euro or 0.93 Australian dollars. If you hold back the Japanese yen, 80 yen, then you will get 1 dollar. So, what is the dollar value? So many of the people who trade the forex market, the dollar will buy?

This is why the Forex market the currency pair is traded through.

For example, EUR / USD (Euro / uesadi), a currency pair. Currently 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434. This means that 1 euro with 1.4434 dollars. Oh, forgot to say, USD = United States Dollar or American Dollar. Simple fact, what we know as the dollar. ( Forex Blog)

Let’s have a look at some more currency peyarah

1 AUD / USD = 1.0543, 1 Australian dollar means that you will receive 1.0543 US dollars.
1 GBP / USD = 1.6422, which means £ 1 to 16422 to get American dollars.
1 NZD / USD = 0.8177, which means the New Zealand dollar to 1 US dollar 0.8177 pabenaca
1 USD / JPY = 80.29, which means the Japanese yen to 1 dollar in 8029.
1 EUR / JPY = 115.91, which means that 1 Euro you will receive 115.91 Japanese yen.

Now knowing about the currency pair?

(Forex Blog) Brother, if I write a little capacity? So that means you wrote, 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434 I like EUR / USD writing USD / EUR type, if there is any problem?

Of course not. Remember, however, refers to the first currency of the currency pair with how much you will receive in the next karensita.

1 EUR / USD = 1.4434. This means that 1 euro with 1.4434 dollars.

So, 1 USD / EUR 1 billion with instructions how to get euro. The answer is, just the opposite, 1 / 1.4434 or 0.6928

There’s a little test you, so you could not learn anything. Able to answer in this post are provided below. Be careful, do not answer, but steal!

Puzzle 1:
1 EUR / GPB = 0.8708, what does that mean? If you want to be able to get help from the bottom to be able to answer.

One question still remained, each time you take the number of decimal places after so many, and why? For example, 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434, why write? I write is 1.44. Adulteration of the maximum market share, the share price of Rs 0, 60 is not the money or the money may 1200. I have never heard of 202543 shares. Why are so many spurious? (Forex Blog)

First, the Forex market is a currency pair is the ratio of the two currencies. For example, EUR / USD means that 1 euro is how many dollars I get. The bank’s market share, we share with the people in the Meghna Cement 1 How many shares do not get it to account. And so, fill in the number of shares of our market share, but the share price to decimal points.

After a maximum of 4, the Forex market has been taken up because of the movements of the forex market will be approximately 3 and 4 after the maximum number is more at home. Therefore, it has been standard

(Forex Blog) Let’s have a look at a glance, from June 6 to June 10, 011, 5 days in the EUR / USD’s value:


Date – the maximum – the minimum

June 6, 011 – 1.4558 – 1.4658
June 7, 011 – 1.4564 – 1.4696
June 8, 011 – 1.4565 – 1.4695
June 9, 011 – 1.4478 – 1.4653
June 10, 011 – 14323 – 1.4551

The move to the market, which you can see after the maximum II, 3rd and 4th are at home.

Pips and pipetisa
PIPS (pips):

Forex market the currency pair to the number of decimal places after the 4th one single change or movement called the PIP or pipa. PIPS pips or plural form of the PIP, such as Market has changed 120 pips today. In other words, the market has changed today, 120 pips. Many of the points and the pips. However, the most widely used internationally pips.

What pips, most people know it, spend a lot of time left. Let’s see if we can learn anything from the simple example.

Example 1:

You terminals (provided by your broker to trade software) is open to him. Saw, EUR / USD was 1.4340, and 1.4345 now. ( Forex Blog)

How many pips is changing?

To find out more rules-low = 1.4345 – 1.4340 = 0.0005

I said pips is calculated, the number of decimal places to number four. Forget the decimal, it’s easy calculation karih

4345-4380 = 5

In other words, the market has changed to 5 pips.

Now tell me, then,

The example:

GBB / USD 1.5630 to 1.5639 from the left. How did the market pips move?

5639-5630 = 9 pips.

More kichuh

Market Movement (EUR / USD)

Was 1.3450, today 13432 = 3450 – 3432 = 18 pips Market Movement

Was 1.3450, 1.3550 = 3550 – 3450 = 100 pips movement in the market

Was 1.3750, today 13432 = 3750 – 3432 = 318 pips movement in the market

Was 1.4450, currently 1.3450 = 4450 – 3450 = 1000 pips Market Movement

We have to understand. Test yourself ninah

Puzzle II:

(Forex Blog) EUR / USD was 1.3570, 1.3550.

How did the market pips move?

So you can understand if you are on a roll.

You need to think about the sbacha pips, because –

Forex market movement to calculate pips. Often hear the Euro / uesadi today rose 00 pips. The move to market, increase of 100 pips in 5 minutes.
Pipettes (pipetisa):
Some broker price of 5 digits after the decimal places. For example, 142561. The fifth digit in the woods. So if price from 142561 to 142667, then to be understood 6 pipetisa 10 pips or 106 pipetisa has changed.
Lot / Volume
Lot’s a lot easier. But when you go as a unit, then you have to be complicated. So here we go as a unit is not easy, but we will try to convince.
We can learn from each pip movement in the Forex market. 11720 from 1.1710 at the price of 10 pips in the profit or loss will be. Lot / volume pips in our favor that we’ll determine what the amount of the gain or loss will be, or to the contrary.
We’re divided into 3 for the benefit of Forex brokers. ( Forex Blog word wide)
• Standard lot Broker
• mini-lot broker
• Micro lot broker

1 standard lot broker lot = $ 10 / pips. But the mini-lot broker 1 lot = $ 1 / pip. The micro lot broker lot 10 = $ 1 / pip.
So, if you have 1 standard lot broker with a lot of open trade and 10 pips in your favor, then your profit is $ 10×10 = $ 100. Although similar to Los Angeles would be $ 100.
However, if you brokare 1 mini lot with a lot of open trade and 10 pips in your favor, then your profit is $ 1×10 = $ 10. Although similar to Los Angeles would be $ 10.
And, if you are 1 of micro broker with a lot of open trade and 10 pips in your favor, then your profit is $ 0.1×10 = $ 1. Even $ 1 will be similar to Los Angeles.


(Forex Blog)

Brokareh standard lot
• 1 standard lot = $ 10 / pip
• 0.1 standard lot = $ 1 / pip
• 0.01 standard lot = $ 0.10 / pip
• 10 standard lot = $ 100 / pips
Lots of mini brokareh
• 1 mini lot = $ 1 / pip
• 0.1 mini lot = $ 0.10 / pip
• 0.01 mini lot = $ 0.01 / pip
• 10 mini lot = $ 10 / pip
Micro Lots brokareh
• 1 micro lot = $ 0.10 / pip
• 0.1 Micro lot = $ 0.01 / pip
• 0.01 micro lot = $ 0.001 / pip
• 10 micro lot = $ 1 / pip
Indeed, standard lot was understood, the difference between mini and micro lots. Just as the benefits of our trading lot size.
The broker will give you a minimum 0.01 late trade. In other words, the standard lot brokare Pip Value You can take a minimum of 10 cents. Pip Value brokare mini lot, but you can pick up 1 cent minimum. The micro lot brokare Pip Value You can take a minimum of 0.1 cents. So if your capital is low, then the mini lot or micro lot broker you can trade with less risk.
Just in 1 lot, 0.1 lot, or 0.01 late trade can not be so, if you want .5 lot, 1.3 lot can happen custom lateo trade.
How do I know my broker lot of micro, mini lot is not standard lot?
Micro point trading account, you can trade micro lots. Luxury, HotForex, etc. brokaragulo laitaphareksa broker mini lots. Ephabiesa, F. X. Aptimaksa etc. broker brokaragulo standard lot. If you do not know your broker lot of micro, mini lot standard lot, the broker live support questions. There is a lot of time on their website. 1. Open a demo account with them or with a lot of open trade. If you see that $ 10 dollars per pip gain or loss is the change of the standard lot, the broker understand it. And if you see that $ 1 dollar change, then the mini lot broker understand it. If you understand the micro lot broker’s 10 cents. But some broker account for each different type of lot size. ( Forex Blog)

We have a specific timeframe of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week or 1 month, the maximum price increased or declined as we know. 1 If we look at the 5 minute candles, we understand it paraboh
• No price has started candles
• No price has been closed candles
• increase the maximum price of the mini 5
• What is the minimum price the mini declined 5
Use the following taimaphremagulo are generally higher because they have been in MetaTrader 4. But the MetaTrader 5 you can also use custom timeframe.
• M1
• M5
• M15
• M30
• H1
• H4
• D1
• W1
• MN

( Forex Blog)
No specific timeframe in which 1 candles and you will know at that time what was the price movement.

Selected by candles with red spots. It is understood that 4 hour price action.

No taimaphreme will trade?
It depends on what you want to trade. However, should you prefer Scalping M1, M5 or M15 to trade. If you want to make general or a long-term trade, but your M30, H1 or H4 you should trade. If you are interested in swing or position trade your week or month should be taimaphremaguloke analysis.
Spreads, stop loss and take profit
When you open a trade you will see a little bit Lacey will open trade. This is what is called the spread. Forex broker to open a trade takes a cut of the fee as a commission or charge.
Suppose you buy GBPUSD at 1.7445, but it will open the 3 pips at 1.7449 fees have been applied. If you have $ 1 pip value of open trade if the trade is $ 3 Lacey will open.

The spread of the different pair. The broker may be more or less depending on a variety of spreads. Instaforex such as the spread of 3 pips on EURUSD. The spread of two pips on the EURUSD, but Fxoptimax. Some of the pair may be spread over 30 pips so far. It is unknown how it spreads before the pair to trade should be seen.
Stop loss and take praphitah
The stop loss (stop loss): the stop loss on your Lacey trade at a price you can decide whether you want to stop.
Profit (take profit): Profit gain from the trade you want to disable any price you can fix it.
For example, you open the trade was a buy at 1.3540. If you want to gain 50 pips and 50 pips loss than not. If you are 50 pips stop loss and take profit of 50 pips can be set. If your computer is off or sudden price increase or decrease as a result of the Spike, take profit or stop loss price will be automatically close your trade.
What is leverage?
Leverage or margin loan is how many times your capital over the maximum loan to pay your forex broker.

(Forex Blog) For example, your balance is $ 100 or capital. If you are 1: 00 leverage use, when you trade your broker will loan you up to 00 times sarboccya. Now it’s up to you how you spend the loan amount. Thus, the 10×200 = $ 10 to $ 000 you can trade.

So …. if you get a good loan up to 00 times, then why do not you take? The stock market is 1: lonai do not want to.

For example, you deposit $ 10, he decided not to use the leverage of 1: 1, meaning do not take any loan. In that case, the broker will not allow you to open any trade large size. The large open trade can be as much as 10 dollars, just as much as it will open trade. In that case, the market will move 50 pips in your favor that you will gain 1 dollar. Generally, for every different currency pairs move 100-300 pips.

So you thought that the loan would not open trade and greater profits are higher. If a broker to 1: 00 leverage offer, then if you wish, you can trade 10 dollars to 000 dollars. And so, before which it was received, will be 00 times more than now. Similarly, the loss would have been before, you are 1: 00 full use of leverage, the loss will be more than 00 times. If the market 50 pips move in your favor if you would have received $ 1, so it will be 00 dollars.

The broker will loan you the truth. To learn well, your loss of your capital loss is equal to at any time, then it will automatically close your trade. There are no broker in the capital, more than Lacey will not go on your trade. Forex Margin Call’s this saying that the forced sale of the stock market.

Brother, said it is terrible! I used to leverage more open trade is equal to capital loss, then it will go bankrupt? ( Forex Blog BD)

Straight Bengali words, yes! So, why not set the leverage, the balance of trade opening ever larger proportion of the trade is open. Some people say that Forex Capital or two times a day, three times as possible. The fate of the fields if possible. But at the risk of the trade will be caught one day drink.
Currency Pair / Pairs
Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling another currency. Currency Pair or a broker or dealer and are traded in pairs through.
Udaharanasarupah Euro and the UK. come. Dollar pair EUR / USD or even the British pound and the Japanese yen GBP / JPY.
When you are trading forex, you Pair, or even the purchase / sale will be.

Remember, the two ends of the rope are two of the country’s economic situation. The fluctuation of the exchange rate, depending on when the currency is strong.

Other major currency pair:
Peyaraguloke the currency pair is considered to be the main currency. The currency pair is trading at USD pair and rectified. The main pair and the highest liquidity in the world than they are traded.

(Forex Blog)

The cross-currency or other minor currency pair:
U. come. Without peyarasamuhake dollar currency pair is called a cross-currency pairs, or just the cross. Krasagulo minor, also known as the currency pair. Peyaragulo most trade is cross – EUR, GBP and the JPY.
Euro Crosses

Yen Crosses

Pound Crosses

Other Crosses

Exotic Pairs
Complementary to a major currency with another currency as the pair is connected to the Exotic pair.

Some forex broker to trade the currency peyaragulo. These are the main and cross pair is not trading too.

Exotic peyaragulo spread EUR / USD or USD / JPY for more than two or three times. Exotic peyarasamuha So if you want to trade, then it will be considered.

How Forex gain / loss
Forex market by you (buy) or cell (sell) it.
Very easy to open a trade. Trade opening experience and make it easier to trade the stock market, if you can understand it quickly.
Suppose you exchange rate 1.1800 EUR / USD – Euro 10,000 to $ 11,800 dollars purchased. Two weeks later, the EUR / USD exchange rate is increased by 12500. So if you sold it for $ 12500 dollars will receive $ 700 dollars.
Exchange rate is the ratio of the price of a currency relative to another currency. For example: USD / CHF exchange rate indicates how much the UK. come. Swiss Franc can be bought for 1 dollar, or 1 UK. come. Swiss Franc to buy dollars.
How to read Forex Quotes
Every trade at the same time you are buying a currency and selling another. Price Quotation of the Forex market the currency pair is expressed through.
GBP / USD foreign exchange rate is as follows:

Slashes (/) is called the base currency of the previous (base) currency and slashes (/) in the next karensike kiuto (quote) currency.
The GBP is the base (base) currency and the USD is the kiuto (quote) currency.
By (buy) the exchange rate of 1 unit of the base currency for the purchase of how many units should be kiuto currency. 1 British Pound udaharanasbarupah 15125 for the purchase of the UK. come. Dollars to pay.
Cell (sell), while the exchange rate of 1 unit of the base currency of the cell how many units will be available kiuto currency. If you sell 1 British pound udaharanasbarupah 15125 UK. come. Dollars.
The base currency of the cell by the foundation. If you are EUR / USD, then you are buying the base currency EUR and USD currency kiuto are sold at the same time. Simply, EUR buying, USD selling.
If you believe that you will buy the currency pair, kiuto currency than the base currency will be stronger. If you think you’ll need a cell kiuto currency will be weaker than the base currency.
Long / short (long / short):
First you have to decide that you do not buy to sell.
If you want to buy (the base currency is bought and sold kiuto currency), that means you have to increase the price of the base currency and sell it at a higher price to pay. This is called traders in the long (long) or take long positions. Remember, Long = Buy (long = buy).
If you want to sell (to sell the base currency and the currency kiuto bought), that means that you are trying to reduce the price of the base currency and let it buy you more at low prices. In traders called short (short) or take a short position. Remember, short = Cell (short = sell).
Bid / Ask (bid / ask):

Show all forex price quotation is two. Bid and Ask. Bid Price in almost all cases, are lower than the ask price.
The bid is the price at which a broker wants to buy kiuto currency other than the base currency. In other words, the cell is the best price for the bid.
Ask is the price at which a currency other than the base currency kiuto broker wants to sell. In other words, by Ask for the best price.
The difference between bid and ask spreads (spread) is known.
EUR / USD 1.3456 is the bid price and the ask price quotation itself is at the top of 1.3458.
In other words, the spread is 2 pips.
If you click on a cell to cell in at 1.3456. If you click Buy, Buy at 1.3458 then you will be.

(Forex Blog)

What is a demo account? How to open a demo account?
You may want to trade Forex. But you do not know how to trade forex. To many pips, leverage they have heard, but did not trade because they do not understand anything. So you may be afraid to invest in Forex beginning. Because you can not do anything since, greater sambhabanatai to Los Angeles. But in the modern era, but the test can trade without spending any money. The brokers have demo trading system. You can practice trading demo account with virtual money.
You can demo in Los Angeles, you can not even rule out the balance, no problem. It’s just to expand your skills. The more you trade, the more you learn the trade. You better learn before trading in your real trading should be started. Because then, but you will have more chances to Los Angeles. So, when you trade in your demo trading would be satisfied with, then the only real trade should start.

How long should the demo trading?

Demo trade should be at least two months. But there is no fixed time.

What is the benefit in demo trade?
• demo forex trading, you can learn the different techniques
• You can test various trading strategies
• are able to identify the reason for your loss and be able to correct it
• You can check the effectiveness of a new EA or indicator
The total for improving your trading demo trading will help you in many ways.

How do you start to trade on the demo?

A software demo or real trade to be necessary. In what is called forex trading terminal. Most brokers using MetaTrader terminal. A terminal to download MetaTrader us .. Click on the link below to open a demo account and download the MetaTrader platform. ( Forex Blog)
Open demo account
After downloading, open your Metatrader terminal.

Now, let’s open a demo account.

Click the File Open an account first.

The following window will appear. This fill-up. Then Click on Next

Click on Next and select

Demo account has been created. The account number and password and click Finish to save.

Your First Trade
We learned a lot about forex. I open a demo account. Now we’ll start to trade. How can we close it and open a trade will be discussed in this article.
Log in to see this screen after MetaTrader account. ( Forex Blog)

EURUSD trade to open the “Market Watch” window, double-click on EURUSD.

Will open a window like the one below. To Buy EURUSD to “BUY” Click.

Like the one below will open a trade. Lacey will be open due to the spread of some trade.

Stop loss Take profit set or if you want to double-click on the SL or TP.

A window will open. From there you can set the stop loss and take profit.

See Stop Loss and Take Profit is set. Trade alone will be close to the price.

Winning trade is now $ 1. Your equity is now $ 5001, but the balance of $ 5000. Close the trade balance will be $ 5001. SL / TP praise Trade alone will be close. But if you want to close now, if you double-click on profits.

You’ll see a window will open to trade close. Click on the yellow notepad.

$ 1 praphite has close trade.

(Forex Blog)

Your new balance is now $ 5001.

Account opening Information
The opening of accounts for the Forex, which darakarah
Most Forex brokers during the opening of the account will be able to provide the following information
• First Name (your first name)
• Last Name (your last name)
• Address (Address)
• Email Address (your email address)
They have met on several sites during registration before you, so that you are familiar with them. You may not be familiar with the following things that you need to select the time of opening the account.
• Swap (swap) is limited interest. You can swap the central banks of various countries to select options based on interest rates that will be open to trade, or it will earn interest on the interest you will pay. For Muslims, the prohibition of interest, and the swap is not worth taking. No interest as you do if you want to select Swap.
• Leverage (loan) banks where the market share of sarabbacca 1: The ratio gives banks lona, forex brokers in the forex market from 1: 500 to lona. Some forex brokers even 1: 1000 Loans and gives meaning to the Capital of times on the 1000 loan. The higher the leverage, the more you are able to open trade. And so, in the forex market to 1: 1000 to use the leverage of 5 minitei can double the money.
However, do not attempt to lobhati forgotten this, always use the leverage of trade to the few. Keep in mind that the amount of movement in the market will count in your favor, your balance, your balance is zero when the same amount of movement in the market will be his. 1: 50 leverage forex trading enough.
• Account Currency (Account currency) – USD or USD select the better.
• Account Type based on your deposit accounts offer different types of Forex trading. Each individual forex broker to offer. If you deposit less than $ 1000 Micro, 1000 – 10,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars or above the Mini can select the Standard.

Many forex broker account with them without a certified dollar deposit / withdrawal (deposit / withdrawal) does not offer or impose obstacles. They were forced to do it their policy to comply with anti-money laundering reguletaradera. The following two types of scanned documents to be uploaded to your account –
• your passport / driving license / National ID card scan your photos for verification.
• electricity / gas / water bills or internet / mobile phone bill or bank statement scans your address for verification.
It’s the international rules. However, all the different regulations in different countries. So do not say anything forex broker verification.

The broker wants to account verification, the first Forex broker to account and then deposit bheriphyai better.

(Forex Blog)

Deposit and Withdrawal
Bangladeshis thing we suffered a lot. PayPal is not in our country. So we can not get easy money from home online. Bangladesh can not be sent to the bank to transfer the money out. Forex How do you deposit? You can ecurrency the forex deposit. There are many online payment processors like PayPal. For example, Liberty Reserve (LR), AlertPay (AP), MoneyBookers (MB) and so on. Through these online deposit you can trade Forex. The International MasterCard / Visa card can be deposited. But the majority of the bank card, the card is international.
Which is better for the deposit?
(Forex Blog)Liberty Reserve: Forex deposit seems to me the best Liberty Reserve. Because almost all of the broker that supports Liberty Reserve. Liberty Reserve deposit with the broker of your choice you can do. Where do you find the Liberty Reserve? Liberty Reserve will have to collect from you to someone who is trying to sell. Bangladesh Liberty Reserve, Alert Pay, Moneybookers is an online seller of income. If you buy it from them on Forex can deposit cash. But there is a problem here. Liberty Reserve directly through the bank can not be withdrawn. So when you request to withdraw your profit, then that’s how you have to sell another to whom the Liberty Reserve. There are many online sites of the exchanger will transfer you to the bank to exchange Liberty Reserve.

MoneyBookers: Forex to deposit a payment processor Moneybookers. Moneybookers broker lot of support. Liberty Reserve will buy from someone you like it. Moneybookers is an advantage, but different. Moneybookers you can withdraw directly from your bank. Swift Code and account number with your bank to withdraw money, they will send to your bank account within a few days. Even your debit / credit card, you can withdraw from Moneybookers.(Forex Blog)

Alertpay: Trading Alert Pay a lot of support. However, it is not so much as Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve. Moneybookers matoayalarta pay directly to the bank to withdraw from the can. Later alerts Debit MasterCard is also different. $ 0 for you to collect it, you can withdraw money from the ATM Booth by MasterCard. Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve will buy from someone you like it.

(Forex Blog)Mastercard: MasterCard, many brokers offer their traders. If you withdraw money from the ATM Booth of the MasterCard able to.

Forex brokaragulora rule is that you will deposit with the payment processor, you will need to withdraw the payment processor, and the accounts. But some broker means that whatever the deposit, bank or to withdraw their offer by MasterCard. Forex, as you deposit the payment processor, you can withdraw with their MasterCard.
You may have heard the term Scalping many places. Scalping is basically a small trade upset. Scalping is a small space a few minutes of trade. This may be the trade 120 pips. 0 pips profit on the literal way, he can not be called Scalping. It becomes normal trade.
The market is always fluctuate. You could use this opportunity to enjoy a few minutes to a few pips. But Scalping but risky. Many people do not understand that things can be seen by Scalping risk. But the analysis should be skyalpinyeo. Analysis should not be entered into without any tredei. Scalping should be granted to the trend in the trade. Sambhabanata is higher compared to the trading profit.(Forex Blog)

Scalping since less time is, so we should not be less than taimaphreme trade. There are a lot of Scalping Rules. When you trade Scalping M1, M5, M15 timeframe can follow. But if you follow the H4 timeframe will not benefit, because changes in the market -1 minute, it is easy to understand that you can not see the H4 chart. Scalping is more helpful to the minute timeframe.
Many skyalpinyera been a lot of indicators follow. But skyalpinye indicators do not work too much. Because the market is so small mubhamentagulo do not adhere to any rules.
Scalping Trading There are some people who do not support. There are many broker Scalping Rules in two minutes. Two minutes before the close of trade, the broker has the right to cancel. So you’re trading with the broker, the broker Scalping Check if there are no rules.
Money Management
Money management is a process through which forex traders can manage their accounts. Money management is very important for forex traders. A good money management can help protect your account from byankaryaeptasi. Good money management will follow a very low possibility of losing your capital.

(Forex Blog)There are some rules of good money management

1. Account with a small risk parsenateja ninah

Why is it important to take account of small parsenateja risk? The reason you need to keep your account alive. First, we need to keep alive in your account, then you should think about profits. Good trader can sustain those who are aware of their accounts.
However, if you trade with low risk trades, but your loss is much higher if you can hold your trade.

And with less risk than trading in your account, the total trade parsenatejera Let’s see an example below. See 10 consecutive trading loss, how much can harm your account.
Resized to 100% (was 707 x 333) – Click image to enlarge
Risk is apparently% and 10% risk difference between the two. Never fails 10 consecutive trading easily. However, the worst trade you, even if the 10% risk losing trades you lose 17% of your capital, where 10% risk per trade if you trade 10 Harley you will lose more than 60% of your capital. So, you understand the importance of money management. If you can not make money management properly, but you may be facing a massive loss.(Forex Blog)
II. Capital Recovery lose kathinah
If anyone loses a portion of his or her account, then how difficult it is to recover?

If you lose 50% of your account, then you can recover your loss will be a new balance 100% gain. And if you lose 75%, but 300% of the new balance will profit only to recover the previous loss. So if you recover a big loss, then busy with the loss, but who will profit?
That’s the challenge. Try the demo account to your real account with at least 300% or 100% profit if you can. It will not be so easy. This is an important money management.(Forex Blog)

3. Before trade riskahrioyarda ratio calculated for:

When a trade is likely to profit from the greater Los Angeles, then refrain from trade. You do not always have to trade anything.

1. Los Angeles vs 30 pips 40 pips profit
II. 0 pips 0 pips profit vs loss

For example, two udaharanai bad risk management.

Before you open a trade, make sure that the risk: reward ratio of at least 1: II (1: 3 ratio of greater than or good).
This means that you should open a tredai risk (Forex Blog)tataguna the profits from which will be the size of your loss. For example, you can gain 100 pips 30 pips loss regarding the entry to the trade wise.

Money management if you follow the rules correctly, it will help you get the profit you get success and stable.

Risk: Reward resiora See chart below. The 1: 3 Risk: Reward ratio was about 10 trade.
When a trade is a loss, he lost $ 100 dollars. But the $ 300 dollar profit on each trade has been profitable.

So, if there is a Trader 1: 3 Risk: Reward ratio of 50% if the trade is successful, but he can get a good amount.

Because Forex loss
You may have heard, or if you have not heard before the hearing takes place in Los Angeles Forex traders 95%. Statistics may not be completely true. In fact, 95% are traders, 95% of traders(Forex Blog) Los bigenara. but why? Forex because they do not adhere to the basic rules. Let’s see what the reason Forex traders are in Los Angeles.
• abhabah first experience of Forex, but it seems easier. Since the gain or loss because, guess a lot of people got into the trade. Then they will decide that the real trading. But if you are not in Los Angeles when these conditions can not understand how you would deal with later. That is why you have to trade for a long time seriously demo. But most people do not want to demote the time of the trade. In that case, St. accounts can trade. If you lose your first two deposits hold on Forex. Try to understand the trade. Then take a look at the trading easier.
• nirbharasilatah signal of the signal depends on the trader. His words or the words of strangers to trade. By someone who does not agree to an analysis by itself, and said cell to cell. Los eventuality. Some of the $ 100- $ 00 if purchased with the signal. But imagine, if the signal was really always perfect, so why sell signal provider is? Bill Gates may be the trade by himself. So, anyone who heard or saw the impulse chart, do not trade. Understand myself, try to trade with it. Try to learn more. Ask others.
• uddesabihina trading: The most traders do not know that cell will not have to buy. Just when they think that the price increase will reduce it again, sitting in the cell with the trade. Thus, the trade ajibanai Los eat. Try to market analysis. See section bidipipasa (Forex Blog)some basic indicators Forex indicators Schools have been about. These and other indicators of research. Try to learn something technical analysis. Gradually everything will be easier to you.
• Risk of Trading Forex Money Making Machine: The majority of the people think. Forex 1 day balance that can be doubled. Most traders are much larger proportion of risk capital to trade. According to the account are $ 100, but $ 1 pip value of open trade are sitting. 100 pips move your top when you’re poor. So you decide, contact Money Management.
* Do thakah trading strategy should be in a trading strategy. How do you trade, how many pips stop loss or take profit use, how much should be set before the trade volume. And all of you should follow tredei. Otherwise, it can be seen in a trading profit of 50 pipase $ 5, another major risk of loss in trading the 50 pipase $ 50. So, first you create a trading strategy. Others see a trading strategy, then that is good, change to customize your own trading system.
* Thakah a lot of confidence in myself more and more traders are confident. They think that increase or decrease (Forex Blog)the price and trade accordingly without any analysis. But people are enemies of the people. Do not trust yourself. See what the market says.
While some of the trade alert thakabenah
* Do not be tempted to
* Do not be too emotional
* Do not trade your own imaginary conclusions
* Do not trade with money management follow
* Comply with the trading strategy
* Do not trade without analysis
A forex trader atmakahini: –
A student Ayan. Education, as well as easing the net works. Forex since the day he heard, but there is no detailed ideas. In many places, if you deposit $ 100 to $ 1000 ad views guaranteed income. So she decided that she Forex.
Forex How can this be? A blog is a blog post and saw a man named Zafar said, “Learn Forex, Unlimited Income”, Ayan was glad I saw it. He must have thought I would learn forex. Zafar said the phone number of the phone from the post. Zafar said, forex much more difficult. But we have a lot of traders eksaperiyensada. We’ll help you with the signal. You will need to deposit $ 1000 with our referral. Ions were then open a demo account. Day 3 saw good trading profit. Then he thought to be the real start (Forex Blog)of trade. And the rich will not wait.
$ 1000 to buy a lot of money from home is suffering. Forex deposits were $ 1000 under Zafar brother. Zafar brother of the deposit if he can not express. Deposit end, what you need to catch the phone, when he commissioned pabenai trade route. He thought that the ion trade. Bebipipasa he learned from the Internet all the time, and with no risk to trade, can not be greedy, to analysis. So the thought of these things he did not know !!
Ionic started trading. The first day of the 0.01 standard lot trade opened with a value of 10 cents pip pip. The first tredei 100 pips profit. Was $ 1000 to $ 1010. $ 1 dollar in trading profit again in the second. Trade indicators are seen, stop loss, take profit is using. Thus, trade was 10. 3 pm in Los Angeles, 7. At profit. 3. The balance is now $ 1095 a day.
Ideas came ionic head. So the gain. 001002 lots that are now trading. If the lot size was increased slightly, what good would more. A few hundred dollars profit every day, and if he has received only $ 95 to $ 3 a day? I started late trade from 0.05. The first tredei $ 5 loss. However, $ 50 is the second trade. Then $ 30 dollar trade. Love is on the rise. Ion was double the lot size. $ 1 to cross the pips. 1 killed on the same day was $ 230. Overall, the balance of 1 week and then gain loss was $ 500. Now, more risk-ion trade. Scalping is also sometimes $ 5 pips value. 3 weeks on the ionic balance is $ 3200. Ion satisfied with his performance. Forex is very easy, who said needs so analysis? When the cell is increased, again by loss. Easy!!!
NFP news. Fundamental analysis does not ions. Do not use stop-loss. News of these are not of any use. But the volatility of the market, and is well Scalping. Ion 0.5 lots ($ 5 pips value) Buy EURUSD seemed to open a trade. 90 pips after the market was due to a sudden spike. Ionic since there is no experience in these matters, he thought, must have been something in the market. I thought the price will increase a bit later. He did not open the trade by 0.5 lots more. The market is now much more. Ions from $ 3200 to $ 1500 dollars in equity. Can not understand what to do. Since the price is falling, so he thinks I do not decline, the price will go up a little later, so if you can(Forex Blog) be open two more trade, less than the price increases, but the balance will be $ 5000. 0.5 The two lots will now open trade. Price increased slightly. When the balance is recovered very quickly. Equity is now $ 000 dollars. She was somewhat hopeful. Suddenly, the price dropped more than 100 pips. Ionic 4 tredai margins, due to the calls stopped.

Ionic balance is now $ 0.10. Reason, he regretted his actions. Why take the risk was that at? Earlier it used to withdraw $ 100 from $ 3200. Phew !!!
He will deposit again, and it would have been if not a little careful. Later, he will have to be more careful. He barely took the $ 500. Thought I would not trade alone, will have to take advice from someone experienced. Forex saw the newspaper advertisements are taught here. A forex trader there named Zayed ions are met. He is an experienced forex trader, or a lot, of 7 years from the forex, millions of dollars in profits from the forex. He said, ‘We give forex signals. Rs 500 per month. Guarantee 100% profit. Ion thought brother Zayed seen before, and could not, why? Zayed’s brother gave him some technique taught. When told not to use stop loss. Just as they say in the trade to be. Ion agreed. Ion Raj said(Forex Blog) his friend, the friend who is familiar with the complex forex trader. Josh trade. From now on, I’ll signal from him. He was admitted. Raj said that millions of dollars a month, he gives the signal at 500? I had no money to pay him 500 do not. These ions would not listen. 8 pm Zaid said the brother of the phone, by 1.4600 of a let on. Sure, the EURUSD is 1.5000. By Ion gave the word. He’s fairly tension free. Professional traders who follow the signal, its profit Thekaya? Then on the morning EURUSD 14452. Zayed gave his brother the phone, my brother do? Brother Zaid said, it is normal market movements, prices go to 1.50. You have 1 more than the price set by open trade and put my faith in the signal. And to 1.4300, then by another register. Two days later, the price at 1.4098. Zayed’s signal zero ionic balance again. Forex trading does not trade anymore.

5 steps to become a trader
The learning cycle for a newbie trader
Step 1 (acetane disqualification)
This is the first step when you have just started to learn about forex. Did you know that forex is an easy way to make(Forex Blog) money, because many of you have heard about forex trading Forex does not matter if you want to earn money. Unfortunately, so do you think it’s a lot easier, just like you will first learn to drive a car that would be easy to think, the most important thing will be how kathinaiba?
Unfortunately, much of the trade and take risks, just as the car steering wheel in front of you but did not know first hand what you are doing. When you do a trade, and it will be against you, when you close it, and also the opposite trade will be over and it will go on.

At the beginning you may have some initial success, but it will be worse for you, because your brain will tell you that forex is really easy, and the more you will begin to take the risk.

Each loss than ever before to meet your trade size will double. Sometimes it will work, but most of the time, your account will be affected. Will be totally oblivious to your incompetence.

The first step usually lasts one or two weeks.

Phase II – sacetane incompetence

The second step as you think you’ll realize that Forex is not the same, the more you have to work. You can consciously realize that you do not have to qualify as a regular profit.

Ukraine and the world on a variety of excursions from the USA you start, you will see a variety of systems and e-books, and above all holi will start to find the(Forex Blog) Grail. This time you’ll be a “system passage”. A trading method that actually works well if you do not check day after day and week after week will see a trading method to another. As soon as you think you will see a new indicator that will change your whole trading and will bring you regular profit.

MetaTrader Expert Advisor will test you. Are you moving average, phibonesi line, support-resistance, pivot, fractal, Divergence, DMI, ADX hundreds of indicators that can be played with just the hope that the magic system will be started today. You hope of finding indicators point to a reversal of the right to try to catch the top & bottom. Finally you see stay chutatei after losing trades even add a new trade because you know you are right.

You will be a variety of live chat room and see other traders are doing a lot of pips. Why do you think you’re not. You(Forex Blog) will go through some of the questions that millions of questions that fool you think that other people will see the chat rooms. Finally, those traders who feel that they are lying pips after pips and is definitely demo account screenshot. Because you have studied about Forex, you know, all those successful traders know, but you do not gain, that means that those traders lying. But day after day and their account is increasing forex trading account where you just are reduced.

If you would like tinaejaradera. Free advice to everyone, but no one hear tinaejaradera. Everyone will advise you to forex, but you like to be stubborn and think you know everything. You would like to trade more. You can not follow signals other successful traders. But when it does not work, then you might want to use other signal providers signal to buy. Will not work for you too.

Some “guru” who will come to you as a professional trader would be willing to pay, in exchange for certain fees. Whether or not that’s good, because you can not learn anything while there is no alternative, and you’re still think you know everything.

This step can last for years. In fact, personal experience and talking with other traders confirm this step can be easily adjusted around 1 year to 3 years.(Forex Blog) This step is absolutely frustrating because you can say goodbye to Forex trading.

60% of the first 3 months of the new Forex trader will leave, and it’s good. Imagine, if trading were that easy, we would all be millionaires easily. 0% one year to another can be frustrating because of the additional risk to wipe out their accounts.

What may surprise you is that the rest will remain as 0% 3 years, and they think they are safe. 3 years later, but only 5-10% will continue and will consistently make a profit.

(By the way, these figures but real. It is not that come to my mind and I went down. I do not think that when the 3-year straight from here you will be successful. I have many of these figures have been disputed. (Forex Blog)Interestingly, They are not trading for more than 3 years. if you think you know better then anyone who doubts any of the forums that are trading for 5 years. ask how much it takes to be 100% efficient. there may be some exceptions, but I still have not seen anyone.)

Finally, you will begin to emerge from this step. If you have more time and money than you have finished your expectations, your 3 pm Live account has been(Forex Blog) zero, but …… Forex Forex in the blood flowing in your blood now.

One day you pauchabena 3rd step.

Step 3 – Eureka !!

The last step is to understand the way the system actually does not have any problems that you had in mind. Simple Moving Average with money you can begin to understand if you can apply proper money management. If you start to read e-books on a variety of psychology and character of the(Forex Blog) match will be different to those described in the book. Pauchabena Eureka moment finally arrived.

The Eureka Moment, your brain will create a new connection. Why are you suddenly realize you can not, no one in the world can not guess what the market will do in the next 10 seconds, 0 minutes to the next.

This is due to understanding what others say, what is the impact of this news on the market, or stop thinking that these events will occur. You can not (Forex Blog)trade your own method.

You start to work just one system 1 that goes with you, you start to be happy, and you will begin to be defined in Los Angeles.

You start to take every trade that looks good on your system. When the trade is bad when you do not get angry anymore, because you understand it’s not your fault. You will soon close a trade when you know it’s(Forex Blog) a bad trade. Then you will understand the trade or trades may be good because you know that your system works.

You can see the results of the trade-to-trade-off, and the area will start to see results. 1 pm to 1 am a bad trade because you know does not make the system worse.

Suddenly you understand the game is trading at just over 1, it is to trade your system for each discipline and consistency, because you will know the probability on your side.

Are you good money management, leverage, etc., etc., and will learn about 1 year ago, you remember those(Forex Blog) who gave this advice to learn to laugh, laughing. You were not ready then, but now you are ready. Eureka moment come when you understand that you can not predict the market.

Step 4 – sacetane qualification

Trade only when you’re asking us to trade your system. He was simply accepted as easily as in Los Angeles. You can not close until early tredake now keeps winning. You know your system is more profitable than the number of trades and trading loss(Forex Blog) when you close your trade when Lacey was (like the previous one did not add more positions).

You are now at a stage where most of the Break Even your account (profit loss equal) .. 100 pips this week, maybe next week he made 100 pips loss. At this stage you do not lose money, you’re Break Even. Now you know you’re upset, and better trade cyatarume you and many other traders signal is(Forex Blog) getting respect. You still have to go a long way in front of you and the more you move, the more gain than loss will be higher.

0 pips to start the day, but not paraksanei 35 pips loss, but will not change your mind because you know that she will come back to the pips. You will now receive consistent every week, this week, next week is 5 pips to 50 pips thus will be. This step lasts up to 6 months.

Step 5 – the eligibility acetane

Now you’re driving. Every day you sit in your chair and trade. Now you do unconsciously all. You are now running the auto-pilot.(Forex Blog) Now you’re a big trade. The day is equal to 00 pips or 1 pip profits, none of the pleasure / Can not create surge.
You can now see the beginners forum, shouting “Go Dollar GO” if they took a horse race betting, among them many years before you get back on your own.

This is trading utopia. If you feel you have mastered, and you are now a trader whose account is increasing constantly.

You are now trading chat rooms and other traders Star’s hear what you’re saying. Among their questions are questions that you put yourself back in many years ago. If you like to give you advice,(Forex Blog) but you know someone who does not listen to your advice, because they are mostly the stubborn – teenager. Some of them will come to your location, some fast, some late. They generally can not exceed two dozen steps after dajanai, with the exception of a few.

Trading now a Surge / not happy, but somewhat annoying, such as your current employment / education takes your annoying as trading becomes boring.(Forex Blog)You’re doing your job.

How do you sharpen your system can be less riske more profit. Your system does not change, just the day well being.

Now you can go into the “I’m a currency trader”, but honestly, you will not want to, because it’s like you take any other job.

I think this, “a trader in the minds Tour” was delightful and maybe find your own’ve got a point here.

Remember, only 5%, traders will be able to survive. This is because the ability, the strength to survive. Tikiya to be a big success. Giant elephant has disappeared, but there is a small cockroach tikiya now.

Losers are those who get rich very quickly (get rich quick) wanted to be.

I can happily(Forex Blog) say that the ‘get rich quick’ in the hope that I started trading, but now I see the trading is ‘get rich slow’.

If you want to leave Forex can give you an advice –

Ask yourself the question – “Do you know how many years of school to go to college at the University at the end of a job is waiting for you to pay a million dollars a year?”

Market Analysis
What is the price increase will reduce the analysis to find out.(Forex Blog) You can get through the analysis to trade the right idea. Analysis of the 3 kinds:
* Fundamental Analysis (Fundamental Analysis)
* Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis)
* Sentimentala Analysis (Sentimental Analysis)
Parane to question what kind of analysis you good? But the 3 types ayanalaisisai important.

It is a 3-footed like a tool. If a leg is broken, then the tool will break and you will fall to the ground. If no one in the field (Forex Blog)of forex analysis is weak, it may be because of your great loss. Therefore, all types of emergency ayanalaisisai.
Fundamental analysis
Fundamental ayanalaisise you will notice that some of the country’s economy is doing well and the economy is bad. How, why and how various events, including the amount of unemployment increased role in the economy of the country the importance of these things will give you the fundamental ayanalaisise.
If any of the current or future economic conditions are good, but the country’s currency will strengthen. As well as a country’s economy, (Forex Blog)and foreign investors will be more willing to invest in the country. So they have to buy the country’s currency and the country’s currency value will increase further. However, the country would have been better if arathaniitika the foreign Investor to invest in the country and was eager to expand business. As a result, a lot of value for the money bere win. The other in the same currency.
One of the fundamental analysis are:

* = Currency (Forex Blog)value well in excess of the country’s economic situation
* = Currency value of the country’s economic situation is bad
Suppose the UK. come. The dollar is strong because the US economy is doing better than ever. Their inflation (inflation) interest rate may be required to control.
Interest rates on dollar assets more attractive economically than makes. So if anyone wants to buy or want to invest in those assets,(Forex Blog) then the dollar will have to buy them first. And now, the value of the dollar will increase.
Later, you can find a variety of fundamental analysis artikelagulote other news, their effects and how to trade them about this.
Technical analysis
Ayanalaisise technical traders to trade based on price movement.
The main thing is that the price movement before a trader can see, understand the current price and the future price movement to get ideas about what it would be like.
Your chart will be given in the form of all previous price movement chart. So, if you want to see what happened before. You must have heard, “is reflected in history”?
(Forex Blog)Such technical analysis. Before that happened, we hope we can transfer that may occur in the future. If the price level acts as support or resisatensa if traders have the eyes to the side and they will be based on their trade.
Through technical analysis, we try to match the same pattern as before. And as it happened before, so we expect the same thing could happen again, (Forex Blog)perhaps as before.

Technical analysis when one thing, the first thing that comes to our mind is the chart. Technical charts are used ayanalaisise because the Historical chart data can be presented in easily.
You understand trends and pattern data for the previous chart, you can see some good trading opportunities which can bring. Price pattern, signal indicators can help you get a good idea about the market.
Technical analysis of the analysis depends on how you do.
Johnny and Ronnie could see the charts and indicators that analysis, but they may not be the (Forex Blog)same trading ideas, trading ideas may be different.
The whole point of technical analysis you will learn the basic concepts well. Our phibonesi, Bollinger bands, pivot points, moving averages, etc., to learn about the work.
Now you may think that smart forex traders. They phibonesi, Bollinger band is like a smart name.

Forex trading since you have started, so maybe you’ve already changed your name on Facebook or Bollinger Rahat Tanvir phibonesi now has to start thinking about.
Later, in a variety of technical analysis indicator,(Forex Blog) resisatensa support, pivot points, etc. will be discussed.
Analysis sentimentala
The trader explains why in all of the opinions and the move to market. I feel about you, or pips (Forex Blog)hunter market and position accordingly, so that helps to create the new market sentiment. All traders in the market is reflected in trade.
So you’re not alone if you do not feel anything about a trade that would thereto market, you’ll never be able to make the market move in your favor. Even if you have a good faith belief that the dollar

Increase, but if everyone is bearish (cell) mode, and there is nothing you can not do.
It depends on how you understand the sentiment of the market, it is not (Forex Blog)bullisa bearish. More about this will be discussed later. It depends on your trading strategies that are not associated with market sentiments.
If you want to ignore the sentiments of the market, you can. But you just bring lasai.
News Trading
Forex news releases almost every day is important. Upcoming News section can be found in the Economic Calender different broker. Before the release of any news company News survey of its kind to come with a forecast value (forecast) is made. These institutions bloomberg, cnbc like big business is News Agency. Worse than the actual value of the forecast means that the economy is bad, and the value of the country’s economy is doing well from the mean. News With the price will vary a lot. (Forex Blog)According to the fundamental theory of a country’s economy is doing well with the fact that this news will increase the country’s currency is bad news for the country’s economy will be upside down.

Scalping trading asirbadasbarupa news for those who, because of their 5-10 minute news release may be 30-50 pips move. It depends on how important the news.

The attachment file and see how many pips of movement may be no news, and news stands cenje figure is the fact that trade.

Tradable Figure News forecast that the actual figure is much the cenje eligible to trade it. Please note that the above is a very moderate figure tredebala phigarata. I mean, if I wish to change the actual value of the price will move. But trade is not required to change that much. Change a little less, but there is no problem. A lot of us Nonfarm payroll as sensitive news. This figure has been tredebala 70K differences. But less than 70K, but the price difference is not that great move.

How could the Movement range pips move. In fact, the price will be reduced in favor of and against the price increase.

(Forex Blog)News releases of the broker at the time that the market volatility is high because of increased spreads. So, if your account is not fixed spread should not be surprised to see more than the spread. If your broker is a market maker may be Requotes. The platform can be sometimes hang. Trade shows but can not open it again. You will then re-open trade if the two trade. Again, the news release that the power of open trade after the power goes away, then you should think about what to do. For news releases, which comes after the actual value of what is sometimes called correction to Revise. US jobless claims, as the original lots. It means a lot to a lot of jobless claims in the US job crisis. This means that the American economy is bad. You eur / usd went by. After the revised figure is in fact much worse. The market will turn to the UK. At that time, you have to be in front of the screen so that no unexpected accident Bacha said. Therefore, trading haiyesta News Alert will play.

Do not use stop-loss trading news, because news release after the market sometimes can be a little on the opposite side of the spike comes back. Lacey stop loss if you close your trade will be there.

Real News Trading demo account before trading in market volatility will see how much better can handle.
News How to understand?
Fundamental analysis will. But I do not understand anything. News from the price movement of the Mental’m seeing.
Fundamental analysis – even paralysis, even paralysis.(Forex Blog)

We can help you to understand some basic things.

See this screenshot

We will be looking at the first Formula.

Halifax HPI m / m in this case Formula News include:
Actual> Forecast = Good for currency

Now we know Actual, Forecast and Previous what?

See this screenshot Previous 0.2%. So when the news before it was published, the results (actual) was 0.2%.
Forecast is the result of the news that is expected to come in at 0.5%. Actual results and that the time will come.
Actual results will come in at this time, it will be considered next Previous news.

(Forex Blog)Now we come back to us again pharamulaya. It has been said here, Actual> Forecast = Good for currency.
It GBP Affairs News. So The Actual results Forecast (0.5%) higher than GBP for the better.
And if the worst comes to the Forecast Actual results, but it is bad for the GBP.

Here is the Actual -1.2%. So Actual Forecast = Good for currency
Actual Indicators> Custom. Then select your indicator.(Forex Blog)

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