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March 28, 2017

What is a ‘Good’ percentage for winning trades?

Not wishing to debate mm or letting winners run etc. My question is What % of winners vs losers do you define as good or very good?

I have just had a quick count for this month and have averaged about 6 trades per day and my win rate is 56%

It seems to be working for me, but can’t really gauge what is good and what is only average.

What do you seasoned traders acheive?


No one cares about winning percentages.
Even a caveman can hit 99% winning trades when he trades without stoploss.
To bad that 1% will kill you.

My percentage is way under 50% more ~35%.

I trade what I see and never look left or right….
I just trade and thats it !

A former Salomon Brothers CEO once said that if you put a trader on
a truck he isn’t able to drive….

Why because his only focus is on trading like the bonobos f….k
around all day….


A side effect of a higher strike rate is the reduction in the probability of a given number of consecutive losers.

I cant be bothered doing the maths, but there’s a pretty good chance of hitting, lets say for sake of argument 35 consecutive losers if your strike rate is only 15%, and almost no chance at all if your strike rate is 85%.

Its a bit misleading to say noone cares !

Winning percentage is not the key statistic to be concerned with IMO. The most important statistic is your average win vs your average loss. Ideally, you would want your average win to be substantially greater than your average loss by a factor of 2 or better. With that being said, there is not a trader in here, if they were to be honest, who wouldn’t want to trade with a high winning percentage. A happy median would be a winning percentage north of 50%. If your winning percentage is too low, it could be an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with your trading strategy and you should correct it. This correction could lead to a substantial increase in profits.
No, it’s really not. Both are meaningless without the other. As Intu said, expectancy, profit factor etc are the important ones.

Everyone always harps on about 99% winning system will die on the 1% loss, the exact same is true for a system where wins are 1000 times the size of losses, you can just as easily fail.