Forex Tutorial
May 29, 2017

How do you handle your losses?

Those who claim they never face a trading loss simply do not trade. A loss here and there is normal in every trading strategy and nothing is 100%. A trading loss should never break your account performance and dealing with a trading loss the proper way is a very important step or everyone who aspires to become a real trader.

There are different steps to take after a loss and I think one of the most important one is to step away for a bit and calm down if the loss has caused you to become emotional.

Once you have regained your composure sit down and analyze your loss, understand why you lost and learn how to reduce or eliminate what caused your loss. A loss is only bad if you refuse to learn from it.

Every trader experiences losses.You cannot avoid losses,it is normal, analyse and study every loss and try to get some lessons.Lessons will create future profit in forex.Take a break from trading if you find yourself too emotional, or reduce your position sizes until confidence is regained.


I’ve heard about some insurance program. It sounds really nice.
In my personal life I insure my car and i think this is a good decision. No matter how good driver I am, I can not worry about other circumstancies that are not under my control.
In trading this is the same. No matter how good trader you are. You can insure your trading and don’t worry. If you lost your money you will get them back.


I don’t know if I’m supposed to post links here but this program is offered by FBS broker.
I’m still looking into the information on the website about that. But I think that the idea to get my lost money back is brilliant. hehehe


A trading loss is much the same as a athlete who has a bad game or if his/her team has a loosing game. They usually are a little bummed, go home and think about it. Come to terms with the outcome, learn from it , and get focused for the next game…


I will let you figure that one out yourself; either you understand and succeed or you will not understand and keep down the path you are. It is really up to you.


Losses only become a problem if you are having too many of them. And if that is the case you need to look at your trading, because something is not right.


A car insurance is not a bonus. Stop misleading new traders. I insure my car and if something happens my insurance does not tell me I have to drive x/amount of miles. What you offer is not an insurance at all and nothing more than a moronic marketing gimmick to get new traders to open accounts, fund them and trade while you create some fake environment of security.

They do not secure their funds, you keep them trading and hoping they will keep making deposits. Real traders do not fall for this and laugh at your pathetic marketing the way I do.

At least have the respect to understand what an insurance is and how it works so you can stop misleading new traders. What is perfect for new traders is to stay as far away from a broker like FBS which misleads them into thinking they are getting something they do not.