Forex Tutorial
June 1, 2017

Let’s trade the 1 minute chart!

Hi everyone

Well here we go

Jerry’s 1 minute chart system

Firstly as I mentioned on some other threads, I will NOT be posting any indi’s, templates.

Those who genuinely trade or want to trade the 1 min chart can always PM me for my templates and indi’s.

What I am going to do is keep a journal of trades entered and won/lost and post some charts so that those people WHO ARE ALSO TRADING THE SYSTEM can learn and even post their own trades here. We are then constantly learning from each other That’s the plan anyway!

You will lose. You are doing the very opposite of what you should be doing. You may as well just give your money to a charity.
Best of luck though.
Thanks for your input Boy Wonder

You are very welcome to your opinion but the the “proof is in the pudding” huh?

Many traders are making big money scalping – done properly it can be extremely profitable.

Each one to his own but I prefer to be in out with my 20 or 30 pips in half an hour and on to the next one!



Guys I’ve been trading forex for years – not always successfully. Why? well because like most retail traders I’m not sitting staring at my charts 24 hours a day! So I need a system where one can switch on, take a quick look and trade something with a good chance of winning.

The other problem is MONEY MANAGEMENT and STOP LOSS placement. Always a huge problem for small traders. They of course want to listen to people like Boy Wonder who more then likely advise trading the long term charts and certainly on the surface it looks like the right thing to do. So you trade EU (for example) and you trade the 4hr or daily chart and you set your 50 pip SL and off you go. A few hours later and you are $500 down! What went wrong?? The answer is easy – you are only giving yourself ONE CHANCE. Whereas if you were trading the 1 min chart you would have set 10 five pip SL’s which gave you TEN CHANCES – out of which with my system you would have won 7 – 8 !! You are minimum 120 pips UP (140 pips less 3 losses equalling 15 pips). See the difference?



Hi everyone

Just to let you know that this is my last post on FF

I am not going to be subjected to a lot of abuse or have to constantly defend myself to a bunch of losers.

This system works – in fact it’s the only system that I’ve traded that actually works under the closest scrutiny. And I’ve been trading for many years.

I confess that I am the type of trader that likes to be in and out with 5, 10, 20 pips in a few minutes. I don’t like holding trades open for longer so that I’m subjected to spikes, etc., will kill off so many trades and traders!

Anyway if anyone is GENUINELY interested in learning how to trade the 1 min chart successfully, they are welcome to PM me for details.

I will be posting my trades on my own webpage which will bar any unsavoury characters (which FF seems to have more then it’s fair share of)!