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June 1, 2017

Looking for a 15M Breakout Strategy

Does anyone the USD 15 min Breakout strategy between 7 am to 9 am EST time.. how far is it successful and which Pairs are to be traded with it..
I am hoping for a positives reply from someone here or a nice feedback..
You have to explain what you mean by [highlight=rgb(244, 246, 249); color:rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family:verdana,helvetica,sans-serif]USD 15 min Breakout strategy. As forex is in pairs are you referring to a USD index?[/highlight]
There is a strategy named as “”15 Min Breakout Strategy”” .. and It works on the daily Basis on the USD Pairs.. some say works on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and also on some other USD pairs.. so if anyone knows it can explain it to me…
im sure you get spike out even before you exit, even if you increase your SL , you increase your exposure so whats the point of scalping ???? . there are other ways of scalping…

you can try the MA bounce , you get better results then the system you created…

i spend 16 hrs a day at the charts , anything less then 1HR T/F is just random but im sure your stradegy can only be implemented on certain periods , you try tonight on Yellens speech and let me know the results. whether if its closing US sessions or news break the volatility is the same, just that one is the accelerated movement of the other.
15M is random?
Wow glad that you told me that.

I have been trading for 15 plus years on 15m and I have never noticed that….maybe I should change timeframes?

I’m not having a go at anybody…just a bit pissed off with people seemingly stating facts, when in truth its Bollocks.

Trade what you are most comfortable with…in your own way…in a time frame that suits YOU, and don’t read to much into other peoples ideas.

Then you will have a chance.

Personally, I am not a fan of the M15 charts…

But that doesn’t mean anything other than, I am not a fan.

I 100% agree with your statement in that it does all come down to each person and their individual perception. Success is based on consistency, not specific to time frames…but hey, people will argue with you no matter what you say.

The triggering system I posted is based on a price break on last candle…the only thing that makes it viable is an actual price break on the M15…it does work and is applicable to other TFs, but does lend a lot of credence to working off of a price triggering system based on M15.

Just because you still require 16 hours a day to not understand markets, doesn’t mean you have the only realistic market opinion.

Personally, I cannot be bothered with anything above the M5 charts…I don’t need to.

Speech this, bullshit that…press me here…


Sorry dude, if you are stuck on the H1 TF…stay out of the M15…

Nobody cares what you think.

16 hours a day on charts and thinks the 1, 5 and 15 minute are random…. I can’t wait until these random events buy my jet…. That’s got to be a sarcastic post and I didn’t get it, right? It was a joke and I missed the humor I guess… What a trip….
I do appreciate somebody committing themselves to a single time frame, be it, 1, 5, 15, H1….

I even appreciate somebody that commits themselves to 16 hours of market per day…

Been there, done that…

But what I have no appreciation for, is somebody that trades off of the H1 needing to commit 16 hours per day watching the fucker. It’s like, Really? What in the actual fuck are you doing for those 16 hours? Watching priceline bounce on a candle like a fucking pogostick?


In that time doesn’t toggle through the time frames to realize that pattern recognition, supply and demand and even indicator based trade concepts are as applicable to all time frames under the same optics and that only the range changes.

I’ve visited a lot of trade concepts and market interpretations…the only one I haven’t quite gotten a handle on is the “Ignorance is Bliss”, angle.