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May 30, 2017

What is monthly average earnings for forex traders?

what kind of data can u get from monthly average earning??

how much does an average professional forex trader monthly earning?????

when i was a noob, and (i still considered my self a noob) my highest


earning were apprx. 600%. but when i look back the only real reason i was

able to do this were because my margin (i didn’t have alot of money) so i just went ALL IN many times giving 100pips as range trading follow with the trend and ofcourse i couln’t have done that if i had million dollar account. my question is how much does an average professional forex trader monthly earing?? what number would be considered as “safe” trading? there was an article about making 20%percent monthly with only just a thousand doallr and compound it for 3years
and when u add up.. wow!!!!!! i honestly believe that i can make 20% !!!
problem is however patience… by not getting caught up by greed.. and maintain cool and consistancy. and i think out of everything vey fundamental issue such as money management stop loss, take profit, ratio. are the hardest to do, i experience that winning is easy but losing is harder. it is how u win and how u lose . take bigggg win and take small losses. im still working on this issue

I have been trading in for 7 months. So you can understand I am not so experienced. I have earned my maximum prfot in previous month and that was $50.
its really hard to set a specific number, there is no average when the possibilities are almost limitless both in negative and positive, but one thing i tell my self is better keep your monthly earning on a positive note, even if its just cents or less, break even is not losing so its good right?
Honestly I would not be looking at an amount of money as a target for trading, at least at the beginning. There are many factors involved and it is more of a long term prospect than a short term monetary gain.

The best advice I could give would be to keep a trade log and journal of all the trades that you make. Look back on them and see why you either made a profit or a loss.

Most of the professional traders I know are looking at things in terms of risk vs reward, not “how much money can I make in this trade”. If you have a solid risk vs reward and money management strategy in place (along with a good trading strategy obviously) then the money will come. It is all relative to how much you have and how much you are willing to risk.

In a trading house I visited in New York, the best trader (and there were some great minds in there), was trading at 68% success. You might look at this and think that none of them had any idea what they were doing, but he knew that his strategy was solid and believed in it.

He also employed a strong money management technique and never look a trade with less than 2:1 on the risk reward.

Think about this situation as a hypothetical. You have a 3:1 risk reward strategy in place – you have a stop loss equal to $100 for each trade.
If you win only 3 of those trades than you have made $900, losing 7 of those trades has a drawdown of $700, hence you have actually made $200 from only winning 30% of the time.

Focus on your strategy, money management and taking trades which are giving you a solid risk reward, and I promise the money will not be a problem

Hope this helps!

I am totally agree with gibsy99.

Your average earnings will definitely depend on your amount of the deposit, your pair and your strategy. Some people with a huge deposit choose passive trading, they can get only 10% monthly, but that will be enough.
Also I think that’s not appropriate to talk about earnings in $, it’s really better in pips (taking to account your time-frame).

A better answer is what targets do you set yourself to achieve. Nobody here wants to say how much they earn per month we get it. But aren’t we all pip collectors? I’m a newbie and I am assuming at 100 pips pet week. Which is equal to 400 pips per month or 4% for that month. If we are recording or trading in a journal as we should surely we at least know those numbers. No one cares what the overall average up or downside is – Just yours.