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May 30, 2017

How much of your profits do you withdraw monthly

I am trying to come up with a method for withdrawing profits on a monthly basis. i trade off the daily and have my method for entry , stops and tp. Currently thinking of withdrawing 50 % of monthly profit , leaving the rest to grow the trading account. Any other ideas.
I make monthly profit of more than $50 with $200 capital. . I am not a good trader . My invest ment is also low. I trade for smalll profits in low marin . I have top save my account. I daily get 2 to 5 dollar as profit . After month it is more than $60 I withdraw from my trading account.
i withdraw every week all my profit if you want a proof i am making profit all the time i will give spot trades watch it out long eurjpy i am long now target 132.30
i am also long gold target 1450 .i am long eurusd and gbpusd but i will short them after 50 pips profit in each i except a big move to down side in gbpusd
i am long in google looking for 888 level i am long in silver looking for some pips watch those trades i make 30 – 100 % every week and withdraw it

i will not visit this thread again please some one be kind to follow this trades not any thing that shine is gold it could be the burring sun or a far away star
all have a nice day

I went looking to the library for this answer myself. I like withdrawing half of my profits. I let the account grow by 50% and place half of the withdraw in my checking account, the other half in savings. Whatever doesn’t get paid out in taxes from savings becomes a yearly bonus. Ensures that if you trade well but make that one ultimate mistake… you still have some cash in reserve to reestablish your trading.

If you’re confident in your trading abilities and you’re making above average returns, there is no reason to withdraw, unless you need the money for something. I’m still working on achieving long-term consistency but am confident i will make it. So, i don’t take anything out. My goal is to make trading my full-time career which according to my calculations would be an account balance of $2 million. I also want another $300,000 in cash in case I blow up the $2 million. Hoping to quit my job and trade full-time in 7-10 years.

No need for a 2 M account, you can make plenty of money trading a $300 account if you can trade. As an experiment I took a $300 to see what I could do with it. In 10 days its sitting at $1200. Provided you know market direction and read price well, no reason not to double an account in a month.

I trade $1 per point move, set a stop of 50 pips and a tp of 150-300, so the reward is 3-5 times the risk! TO start with I was risking an account blow if wrong but I have been at this a while now and it was interesting to see what I can do with it. If I hit a 100 pip profit stop goes to BE either I get my money or I stop out. Often stopped out but some excellent wins too, these make the money grow fast, I am day trading the SPX so far the best trade is 330 pips. Once I grow it over 10K I will take half out and then take it to 30K then half out and so on. Do not make the mistake I made and not reward yourself for good trading.

I withdraw 100% of my monthly profit which goes 50% to checking account and 50% to savings account. My default account size stays the same the whole time if there is a loosing month I deposit money from savings account back to account size. My account size is calculated like this: my expenses (food, gas, utility bills, vacation, car, morgage) * 100 = default account size.
For me, I have a target how much I want to make monthly, I set to twice my monthly expenses.

Plan is to withdraw my monthly needs, the rest should help buffer potential bad months. It also allow me to eventually upsized to my desired trading lot size. Any surplus can be eventually withdraw end of year. I uses Oanda which offer 1 free withdrawal monthly, thus I only do it once every month.

In short, it largely depends on your planning.

I guess I’m not that good at reading price action. I focus more on low risk trading, because my strategy doesn’t give me as many wins. My strategy doesn’t allow me to risk $50 on a $300 account. I don’t plan on taking any money out for a while. The more I have in my account, the faster I will get to $2M. I’d like to quit my job when I’m comfortable with my account size and when I get enough experience under my belt to know that I will succeed in the long run.