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January 17, 2017

My trading story

3 years ago, yes exactly 3 years ago i start my first trade! remember that time i enter to this market almost with no knowledge, i just opened a new micro account and deposit 20$ and start my trading and of-course that i lost my money in no time! that was a nightmare, after few minutes some voice start speaking in my head that :”Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” so i made a decision that time, i start learning Forex! for almost 6 month i digging books & Forex forums , … and after days finally i feel that i am ready now! so open a 200$ account and start trading. everything was fine, i even withdraw 200$ in first week. i was happy, because i just earn some money and withdraw my own money and now just trading with my profit. next week was good too, i earn about 250$, but next week, i call it “black Monday”, i lost everything.every trade that i took that day, was wrong, SL after SL! that was a shock, so i start thinking about my trading and finally find out that i had lots of problems.

the first problem was about my number of trades! i never stop trading , i just took trades after trades, no matter how many pips i gained before. other problem was this, i didn’t withdraw my profit!
so after tat night, i made some rules for myself :
rule number 1 : i should take just one trade everyday, not more!
rule number 2 : i should withdraw my profit every single day, no matter how much is it, no matter 1$ or 1000$.

now, wit this codes, my trading is stable, i have my current account for almost 5 month and i have a reasonable daily profit.