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March 26, 2017

No Loss Martingale Strategy

Martingale EAs and using a martingale strategy manually Either is extremely profitable, but as all we know it can blow the account, sooner or later.

i made this topic to Share ideas about how to solve the big loss problem in high profitable martingale Strategies.
by the way, I’m not interested to read your negative answers like “martingale doesn’t work” or “its impossible”. because the word “impossible” is not in my dictionary.
waiting for your useful solutions…


Your tests aren’t long enough.. Account will blow up at some point and it won’t be pretty!
Martingale works great… until the day price never comes back and trends hard agenst you. then BOOM! Margin call!
as a small trader you can only control 1 thing… your risk… And adding to losing trades multiplies your risk. Cutting losers quckily is the way to go if you want to stay in this game over long periods of time.
I do however like the thought of adding to winners… Where your risk isn’t multiplied but your reward is!


The only solutions are: cutting your losses at some point and starting over, or an account with very large ($1mil USD) equity trading 0.01 starting lots on a strategy with at least 1:1 risk/reward that wins > 50% of the time


Sure, but if you’re able to reliably identify the times when you should/shouldn’t trade well enough to run martingale, why run martingale? Ultimately you are gambling with your consecutive losses and at a certain point are going to risk 50% of your account to make back your initial bet. I am not saying it is impossible, but much to risky for most to stomach an exponential drawdown curve, realized or otherwise. Bottom line is you will have to have a mechanism to cut losses at some point. With martingale, you will rapidly approach that point faster than your account goes up, in the long run. The better strategies I have seen may increase lot size, but do so on schedule to “scale into” a position, rather than blindly double the lot size each trade. In any event, there is always the case where losses must be taken. Forex is a game of minimizing losses, not maximizing profits.
im kind of agree with what you said, but first regular trading is not enough profitable for me, and second im not gonna use blind martingale, like many of EAs trades start with a smart strategy to determine start direction to trade, but if the trend goes in wrong way regularly we have to continue with the risky game, in my opinion choosing right situation(a market that has retrace) could help our losses happen rarely, or another idea that i said in my last post, we can stop loss, and wait for another smart trade opportunity to trade with larger lot size.