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March 26, 2017

No Loss Strategy?

Hello Traders, wondering if it is possible to have a no loss strategy or is it a only a fantasy to believe or hope there is a no loss strategy?

As all strategies including successful traders strategy does includes loss but they just know how to cut their losses and run their profits with good money management?


There are people who don’t use stop-losses, but I wouldn’t call them no-loss strategies. I call them one-loss strategies, meaning you only lose once then you are finished – these strategies often seem successful because people who suffer that one loss usually don’t come back to tell their tale. Without stop-loss you can be wiped out by unforeseen events such as economic collapses, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis and central bank interventions.


Yes, trading without stoploss can make us successful overnight, you could double your account very fast.
But it depends on the God, if he says: “oh man, I love you, your account will be doubled!”, we will win.
But if it’s a bad day for him, he says: “ha ha, you’ve just taken a foolish trade, you account with be wiped!”, you know, we will lose everything.
So don’t dream about that kinda perfect strategy, this’s an imperfect world


one-loss strategy. numbnuts, that is the most elegant description i have heard up to this point in time in my life. no-stop hero’s are the champions of trading until they fuck up and implode, or forever struggle to dig themselves out of a hole they find themselves in one day…. then of course it’s always the fault of their ‘ego’ or ‘bad psychological issue they are working on’… never that they are sub-breakeven traders. their string of no losses prevents them from being accepting that they are ‘shit traders with no edge’.

one-loss… that’s golden.

Someone who searching for no loss strategy will never find any strategy.
the one will ended up stress, cause he never find it, cause it never exist.

if someone still have this mindset, no loss mindset – he will never win.
stop loss heard likes he will make trader loss, he sounds like a bastard, isn’t it. but in point of fact, he has save trader from trader’s own mistake so trader have another chance to make money,
Stop loss will save trader’s ass more than twice, stop loss is trader’s best friend.

if we are wrong we must admit it, and cut the loss as short as possible
when we let our loss run, and show us a huge floating loss, we have lose our mental capital or trading psychology. and day by day we will ended up stress wait for the price to reverse.
accept failures as a step towards victory.