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May 30, 2017

Is it possible to earn 30% per month consistently for 4 years?

I want to ask all the expert traders here that, is it possible to earn 30% of our invested capital in a compound way for consistently for 4 years? I have seen many traders that claim to have a gain of more than 30% per month, are they telling the truth?
If it’s possible then investing only $100 can be turned into $29,463,267.63 after 48 winning month.

I want to ask all the traders that is there any real strategy that can make it possible?
Even I made a strategy which looks to be holy grail and giving me about 30% per month. But I don’t know how long is it going to stand.

Of course it’s possible. Likely? Well, that depends on you….do you go for an average of 30% a month – or a strict 30% a month. Ie, some months you make 200% others you lose 15%…whatever… It is certainly possible my friend, but most here will tell you that it’s too risky money management to do so.

My two cents…screw em, if you wanna have a shot, go for it! What’s $100 when the rewards compound massively.

What do you hope to actually find out with this thread – whether there are successful traders out there, and if so, how successful? As in any walk of life, there are those who succeed, and those that don’t. What others are achieving or not, has absolutely no bearing on what you personally can achieve, so rather than ask whether other traders are able to consistently achieve a percentage return per month, ask yourself whether you’ve got what it takes to be a successful trader, and if the answer is yes, then forget the other guy and concentrate on your own horizons. If you somehow doubt that anyone really makes money as a forex trader, then you may as well quit today. Merry Christmas.
If you’re making 30% per month and take the calculations out to 4 years…why stop there? There are plenty more cells in your spreadsheet which can be filled with big, big numbers if you want. I would imagine that anyone starting from 100 and getting it up to anywhere from 100k (much less 1m) will start to trade differently, if only due to having a chunk of extra money sitting in an account that’s dying to be spent…

All this really boils down to is being consistent over a medium to long period, and whether YOU can be consistent. From that point, the %’s don’t matter and the starting balance doesn’t matter.

Be consistently profitable and that’s…it.

Taking it to extremes is ridiculous. This process doesn’t require miracles, nor is it ‘impossible’.

Yes, setting goals that are too high for you to achieve and then possibly making errors in trade sizes, number of trades, etc., because you’re trying to meet your ‘too high’ expectations/goals, can be a serious problem. It’s much better to trade for a while, see what you can realistically achieve on a regular basis, set your ‘personal best’ target and possibly a minimum (which for me is ensuring nothing less than 0% each week) and take the pressure off.

Lastly, once you achieve consistent profits that are fairly good (vs your account size), who says you can’t keep doing that regularly, while taking out funds from the account. That way, you won’t have the issue of having to deal with managing large trade sizes, slippage during entries/exits, etc.