Forex Tutorial
May 29, 2017

Price Action Scalping

The idea is to show your thoughts, how you trade and learn from others visually.

Most of the comments should be accompanied with a visual or chart.

If you like to be part of it, post your visual with motifs and thoughts.

Please post winning and losing trades alike, they are both very important.

This is a visual thread only, scalping any instruments.

I do not believe in concepts, they limit our view.

Only post when is convenient, myself I will not posting while I am trading, I tend to lose focus.

Healthy and honest comments on others trade is encouraged, as are a sense of humor, compassion, altruism and companionship.

Bullying, vulgarities, cheap sarcasms and narrow minded attitude of any kind that could offend others for any reason will not be tolerated here.

The idea is to grow together scalping, sharing what we perceive based on our own experiences (there are not secrets in trading).

In the actual marker, however, things may not be so evident as they tend to appear from the safe distance of hindsight evaluation. In fact in the reality of a live trading environment it is very easy, and common to even miss the best looking set ups, purely a trader, at the time, does not expect the market to behave like it does. This is why it is important to not limit your thinking by imaging what is going to happen next and then needing to see it materialise. Particularly on the verge of exploiting a technical situation, this little mind-game of predicting how a set up will present itself, as if to prove your skills to some fictitious bystander, can have a detrimental effect on your ability to see the price action in its proper light. The moment you expect the market to behave and break in a certain way, and the market defies that, you stand to lose your face in your own scheme of things and it may hurt your ego just long enough to completely miss the alternative break.

“a little thought from my friend Bob”


My second trade of the day, similar to the first but the range was smaller.

The left side of the chart, clearly shows that the trend is down, market pulls back and forms a range defined by the lines, also forms a double top (1 and 2).

I will start to get ready, she breaks the bottom line of the range and I do nothing because of the way she broke, she pulls back and prints a doji just at that line, I am in at market 1 pip below that doji, she pulls back twice and forms another double top (3 and 4), with that now I feel is working in my direction, but Im ready to get out also in case things do not work out (above the double top 3 and 4).

I had a larger TF and SL due to LO, my target was reached, made my 10 pips, another 2%. 4% total for the day.

Done for the week (trading). Take care.

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