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June 5, 2017

Reasons for being a loser master

i’ve lost again 😭😭😭.. how many time did I have to lose to be a gainer.
every time I lose and control myself not to be greedy but its too hard.

reason of my lose : 1.emotion
2.not following mony management
3.over confidence

Yeah, it sucks. I would advise to be careful about complaining though. Look for anything positive to use for your next trade. Three of the four items you listed refer to mental issues. It is not uncommon for a trader to realize he/she has issues to overcome. Trading makes a lot of people question their inner demons. I had to do the same thing. I am very intelligent and could/can create masterpieces of trading templates, but when I switched from a game of chess to a game of betting, circuits flipped in my mind that I didn’t even know I had. I studied more about mind management and it helped me tremendously. You have to learn how to overcome the childhood programming you received concerning money. Whether it is greed, or fear, it is just bad teaching from someone in your past. You can change the lessons. You can. Honestly, for me, the biggest problem I faced was being raised in church from a baby and being taught that money was evil. For the inner me, it meant that in order to be good, I had to get rid of my money, and certainly not make huge amounts of it. Ridiculous? Sure. But it was part of my early wiring and unconsciously controlling my trades. I had the extremely horrific pattern of entering a winning trade, and exiting as soon as I beat the spread. Since that was my internal behavior, I mostly worked on methods to scalp. After I finally recognized the truth about myself, and everyone else for that matter, that ALL our actions are dictated by what we were told in the past, I decided to delete all the wrong thinking, and replace it with correct thinking.

Perhaps my post is hard to understand, but the people and neighborhood and TV and video games and movies and all other outside influences shaped you when you were just a sponge, learning how to live in the world. Just like you learned the language you speak, yet there are other languages you can learn…you can change the “language” of your mind and learn to live a different way than you have been taught.

Sorry for making a novel. For me, it didn’t matter how great my trading system was. I would still lose. After I fixed myself, everything changed. Good Luck

Hi, Sagor

I have been looking at your trade report- you seems to be losing various amounts of money. Have you thought about risking the same percentage of your account each time, at least that is the maximum you can lose.?


Thank you for supporting my opinion. I think the MM becomes natural once you overcome the mind blocks preventing you from becoming abundant. For me MM is 99% about where to Take Profit, rather than how much to lose. If I start to lose a trade, then really it means to close and go the other way. It becomes about math, not ego or fear. That is what can happen when you fix your thinking.
My advice might seem weird, maybe even fantasy, like the force. But I believe it has made me different.

My first introduction to self-improvement that gave me results was Think and Grow Rich. I started reading it in 2002, and have read it more than once and even bought the audio book and listened to it over and over as I drove. I tried it on several different projects and it was freaky to see how things just came to me from out of nowhere.

In more recent years, I realized that projects are one thing, but I was having issues with making large amounts of money. I did more research and found Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. I was almost disappointed in Napoleon Hill at that point, because Wattles said the same thing nearly 27 years earlier. However I recognized the secret does not change, and Hill had done a scientific analysis to try to prove it. And really, it is nothing different than you find in the Bible in Mark Chapter 4, and in the Gospel of Thomas. These are long written guidance from Heaven itself in how to tap into Heaven.

Great, but still not working with money, lol. I set the goals, did the visualizations, tried to willpower myself and still couldn’t trade correctly. Then I learned about Christie Marie Sheldon and what she talks about made complete sense to me. I started looking inside myself, finding my blocks, deleting them, and replacing them. WOW, did that ever work!!

Next, possibly because of the things I was doing, I stumbled across Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil. While it is very similar to Think and Grow Rich, after removing blocks and listening to it, the whole religious aspect, reprogramming of my mind, and deleting bad lessons learned in early childhood…they all came together. Everything made complete sense.

So, you won’t believe this, but I still do self-improvement and very recently I was on youtube looking at videos, and I saw something about manifesting a penny to prove to yourself that the universe is working with you to give you money. I half-heartedly did it with the video because I already knew it worked, but thought it would be cool to see what happened. I actually didn’t leave my house for about a week afterward. I had pretty much forgotten about it. I went to the grocery store, parked, opened the door to get out, and voila, right there on the ground were “2” brand new shiny 2016 pennies. Can you believe that? On the very first occasion they came to me It was like they were specifically made for me. WOW! While that thoroughly impressed me, if you think it won’t impress you that much, because pennies on the ground are no big deal, there is also a feather test. Ask for some strange colored feather, and see if it to comes to you.

If you want to do what I did, take it one step at a time, in that order. If you skip, the next thing might not fit right. For me, it was like a puzzle and each piece was found just as it was needed. Give yourself time to analyze the concepts you hear. Try doing the exercises. What can it hurt? For me, it was nothing but improvement.

While I have mentioned several people, I do not have any connection to any of them. You can find free information on youtube. The way I see it, if you bother to dig for it, then you will probably find what you are looking for. I also do not claim to be an expert on quantum physics. I am merely a participant who gets results and believes it is real. Good Luck Oh, sorry. There is no such thing. It is just preparation meeting opportunity

If you want to stop losing and start winning do this:

“When you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”

Also, don’t believe for & second that ANYONE is making money.
NO ONE is making money trading the forex.
Everything you read and hear of any sign of success is all half lived and half lies at best.
Now, enjoy the game (:

Mingary, I like you. You are hilarious, and I mean this in the best of ways.

You are a hardliner who may just be completely right for the wrong reasons. I hesitate to use the analogy of the broken clock because you are right more than twice a day. You spray blindly from the hip but somehow hit all the targets.

It still amuses me, this forum. All the geniune but misguided FF traders go south sooner or later. All the high impact gurus who choose to painstakingly post their ‘trade records’ because they enjoy the redundancy and unneccessary effort that is absent when you use a trade explorer. Those kind souls.

Mingary, I applaud you for following your evidence and observations. Whats strange about you is that you seem blind to the actual winners of the trading game. Oh well.

guyz thanks for you all good advice. and I know that I can be a winner and I have a profitabe strategy but It is too much hard to be patient.

and over risk is the main key of my lossing.
if I follow the proper money management then I believe that I would never losse
and another thing doing profit in demo and real account is extreme.
and। am trading for 1 year ++ but I am still a losser.
I belive that I have to be more patient to be a winner

I think you need to work on your “profitable” strategy first, maybe patience is a big problem and you are in a hurry to make big bucks quickly and now it seems
that you are revenge trading to claw back your losses. This is probably why you are risking far more than you or your account can tolerate.

Money management will only work if you have a profitable strategy first that you fully understand and can follow.
Maybe you are adjusting this strategy as the trade is entered and therefore are not achieving any consistency due to this.
You are probably holding onto losing trades for too long, yet on a winning trade you’re cashing out early.
You are angry, impatient & frustrated – a deadly combination.

Trading for more than a year does not qualify you to be a winning trader. It has nothing to do with how long you have been trading.

Lose fast and move on to next challenge. When you think you’ve found the key keep in mind “There is more to discover”. Forget about the word “limit” and tackle every challenge in the present. Even a successful millionaire has more to discover, and he knows it. Today you ca be better than yesterday or you can waste your time. Doesn’t matter how big are your steps, keep learning from your losses. There is not a fast way to become a master.