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June 2, 2017

Sessions Indicator


Anyone willing to modify this indicator to add the US and London sessions?

Other changes:

1) some logic to move the description text to either the top or bottom of the chart (depending where the bars on the chart are) instead of in the middle as it is currently. Or just simple the option to have top/bottom/middle.

Another idea is to turn off the vertical label and have the session name over the pip range.


2) The vertical line starts from the top and bottom of the candle/bar and I was wondering if it could be offset by a 1/4 inch from the top and bottom so it leaves some space between the top and bottom of the bar. OR another option would be to have the vertical line only be as high as the top and bottom of the session range.

Thank You.

EDIT: add pic


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Have you seen the attached indy?

You can paint any or all of the 3 sessions any colors you wish (select None to have it not paint a session). The boxes show session highs and lows attained. Session start/end times can be manually adjusted, e.g. to allow for daylight saving.

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This is a nice indicator as well, I like that it has the session h/l price, but I don’t like the shaded boxes. It’s still very functional though, but I think I like the Xi-Asian one better.

I’ll run with session for a little bit and see if anyone want to tackle the XI indy. I guess I’m going through the ‘indicator phase’ of trader development. Maybe in a few months I’ll out grow it. LOL

Thank you.

Edit: I think I see an issue with using the lines and that is the overlap periods between sessions would probably get a little messy. Nevermind.

I’ve just found another version of the Sessions indy.

In the screenshot, I’ve set the Asian session color to Green, European to Red, American to DodgerBlue.

Setting parameter Background = false causes it to draw UNFILLED boxes.
Make sure that you check MT4 menu option ‘Charts…. ForegroundChart….’ to ON, so that the boxes are drawn ‘behind’ the price candles.

If you press F8, and check ‘Show object descriptions’ to ON (in the Common tab), the pip range (session high to low) shows just above each box.

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That is cool. I just d/l’d Yahoo Widgets today as a matter of fact and installed the Oanda FX Market Hours. It’s really cool, since you can change timezones and it will calculate all the open and close times. It’s pretty handy to figure out hours for all the different brokers GMT+3, +2, etc, etc. Plus not to mention your local time. You can also use the same tool on their website too.

Trade Well.

Hello all,
I wrote this indicator that’s basically doing the same as i-sessions by Kim-Iv. But instead of the substring operations it uses math operations on datetime-variables to locate sessions. The calculation is very simple. It’s optimized and redraws only when necessary. The bar drawn also are not limited. I comment it with explanations, I hope the solution is useful for other purpose.

The only ‘bug’ I noticed was when you scroll back the chart to load more bars. It need to be refreshed. Any inputs & comments are more than welcomed guys, I’m planning to add more feature in v 2.0.
Btw this is my first-ever release of indicator. I hope you enjoy it as much as I was making it…

Best regards