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May 28, 2017

Sharing My Profitable Strategies

hi all traders
i decided to share my trading strategy i really hope you’ll like and enjoy using it.
Firstly sorry for my bad english , but maybe writing i can improve it…heheh
This system is till now completely manual, but if somebody want to create some ea we can talk about it and create it, it will be amazing!
I use this strategy by 4 -5 years old and i really can say it’s very profitable, at least 30 % or more by month, it’s doesn’t make you too much stressed cause it refers to 4h chart.
I will try to explain it but the images will help you and me to make it clean.
Ok, let’s explain simple rules.

After a trend , price usually make a range, often price go to hunter stop and go in the opposite direction, well, we will enter when price hunt stop.
Take 4h chart , take a candle who make a strong min or max(i help myself with bollinger bands to do it) wait price break the min or max for a few pips and when it go back and re-enter in the previous candle we will buy/sell.
look the images to help you for the entry.
The most important thing in this strategy is the money management, cause we will risk 3-4 pips, to earn 25-30 pips or more.
Well, try to understand this ,that is only the basic of the strategy, for sure to have better performance we need to filter on 1 min chart…
but this will be explained later!


As you can see the most difficult things is to understand what is the min or max where they will go only to hunt stop loss, it’s not easy and it take a lot of time to understand, the main rule to understand is that price always do it TREND, RANGE, HUNT STOP, TREND IN OTHERSIDE.
Sometimes we’re not able to enter o understand when they hunt stop loss, but they always do it.
For now it’s easy to understand it looking the 4h charts, cause it give you less fake signal, then you can make the same also with other timeframe.

I hope to not get you confuse…this is 30 min chart of usdyen of 3 hours ago in my real account.
Price make a strong min on 2h chart and then price go down only to hunt stop, so i do the same, enter long one tick above min of the previous candle…
you can see where i place stop loss and take profit..
Unlukly position is taking too much time , until now is +6 and i already placed my breakeven.
I’m risking 2 pips, to earn 10.



Thank you Nepul for sharing your trading strategy on here. I am glad to have a place finally that I can get help for a trading tool that I have written to many many here and there to get help. One of my trading strategy is the same as with yours, which I call it “fading a level”. My way is to pick up a level, that may be different from yours, but to take trade is the same.

For example, after a main up trend, I pick up a daily high level to watch. After fading stoploss above this level price comes back below the level. I would enter short on the way price comes back and passes through under this high.

The tool I am in need of is an EA which can:

– Watch a level that trader will specify specifically, for example: 1.1030
– When price goes through above it, now at 1.1040 for example. Now EA opens a pending stop sell order @ 1.1030.
-When price comes back going through 1.1030, the order is executed.
– Stoploss is put above the newest high just formed several pips as trader’s risk tolerance, for example newest high is 1.1040, stoploss 5 pips above is 1.1045.

This tool I believe it is good fit with the strategy here and useful for all traders learning your strategy here. I believe what I am raising in my post as a supplement to the thread and not off-topic. Do hope coders visiting here and help develop it.

Thank you.



If you could give some live examples with charts… it’d be great help. Dont need to give it before it happens and make it sound like a signal service, but may be after.. it’s just done? Also, while using Bollinger bands… you take big candles that goes out of the BB only? and what if the next candle goes may be 10 or 15 beyond the Min or Max candle? how do u trade it? will you trade it? or u trade something that only extends 4 or 5 pips beyond the min or max candle? I think I do get the idea.. but a few charts would make it clear for all of us here. Thanks buddy….