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March 28, 2017

Success stories

Hi everybody, my name is Mike W. Im a fairly new trader and I’ve had some crazy times with forex. haha. Right now im in the hole pretty bad but im not giving this up for anything. i thought id start a forum to see how everyone is doing trading forex. lets hear some success stories to get morale up!
I dream, therefore I become.
Still demo trading 2 months now. Lucky for me my bank stuffed up the payment because I’ve changed my trading system 5 times and made several mindnumbingly important discoveries that only newbies make.

So I’m being successful for my stage of the game.

My greatest success is that I have been demo trading since March and I resisted temptations to go live. This saved me a lot of money.

I didn’t lose a single $ in forex, other than spending money on a few books and james16 private forum membership. Say what you will, I’m actually very proud of this.

Happy trading,


I feel bad every time I see one of these posts. The only people who seem to respond are demo traders and it gives the impression that no one is really profitable.

I am profitable, but as with most profitable traders I am not inclined to discuss it in dollars and cents. You CAN make some insane profits but it isn’t going to be easy. Keep working at it and you will get there someday. Good luck!

I’m with you on that dude. Now I am a “live” trader, and yes, I will have to reload the account again, but I have learned from previous mistakes and I will get to the point of “insane” profitability with a lot of hard work. Here is the thing with demo trading….while you learn systems and indicators and all that good stuff, you are missing THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE ENTIRE TRADING PUZZLE, and that is the mental aspect of making and losing money. That, in and of itself is the biggest factor to success in trading, or any kindo of speculation for that matter, even in poker. People who demo trade remind me of people who play online poker with “play money”. Well, it’s a nice tool to learn a little about the game, but the money has no meaning to you. You are completely detached and disassociated from the money because it’s play money, thus you really aren’t LEARNING the real game. It’s easy to call a raise of $10,000 when it’s play money since if you lose it..really you’ve lost nothing.

The same issue applies to trading. Ok, so you’ve demo traded and have had wild success with it..or not.. Big deal. Until you can deal with the real emotions of money, you haven’t learned much. You can program, code, optimize all of the systems and indicators in the world, but until you actually put some money behind it…well…it doesn’t matter. I guarantee once real money comes in the game, now fear and greed come into play. You will be fearful of losing money so profits are becoming cut wayyy to short and you will be greedy in holding onto losers because you just might make that money back.

If you see your system and say “oooh, hey it works, I would have made $2000 on that trade”, it’s meaningless, because I guarantee you wouldn’t have held it that long regardless of what the indicators are saying..

Long story short>>>>it’s easy to go target shooting when the targets don’t shoot back at you…..give them a gun, and we’ll see who does the running now. It’s that simple.

All this is just something to think about. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me what you do, live or demo, but just offering friendly advice that’s all.
Once you get in the game, only then will you really learn.

The Hun.