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June 2, 2017

Understanding Multiple Timeframes and How They Work

I would like to know how Multiple Time Frames Work.

Mainly how the smaller timeframes build the larger timeframes.

People talk about reconizing a large move from the smaller timeframes but I can’t seem to put it together.

I am a visual learner and if I would be able to see them in actual charts that would be of great help.




You are correct that the smaller time frames build up the larger ones. BUT, having said that you need to know that the Larger time frames have the greatest influence on how those smaller ones develop.

You can’t have a chicken without an egg, and you can’t have an egg without a chicken. Each and every time frame is moulded by the one below it, and influences the time frame above it, and so it goes on up the food chain until you get to Monthly, 3 monthly, and Yearly charts.
All time frames move in waves, they are at all times alternating between positive (price is rising) and negative ( price falling) rotations.
Inside a 15min rotation, you may have 1,3,5,7, or more 5min rotations, Those 5min cycles may have 1,3,5,7, or more 1min cycles.

When a cycle ends, price will change direction (in that time frame).

When two cycles end at the same time, this has a greater influence.

When the one min, 5 min, 15 min, and 1 hr cycles end at the exact same moment, under normal market conditions, this would generally be the high or the low of the day.
I’m sure that many people here at FF could write a book on the subject. You need to be more specific with your questions, It’s like asking a scientist ” what created the Universe?”

Hope that helps,

This might make it clearer.

One hour positive rotation in Red.

7 * 15 min in Yellow( 4 Poss and 3 Neg )

Inside the last 15 min are 7 * 5 min rotations in Pink( 4 Poss and 3 Neg ).

Note the vetical time/date stamps.

At this time all timeframes ended their cycles. (Up to and including 1 Hr )This is known as Docking.

This was the low of one day and the high of the next.

Hope that helps


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Polishing my crystal ball

there is nothing to be understood, each timeframe has its own characteristics, larger does mean bigger effects, but smaller does not mean the opposite. don’t waste your time trying to understand each of them

you need to be clear on what you need to know that would be all this about

here is what i learn about multiple time frame

1. assuming you are a technical then smaller time frame means that you will get more signals, thus increasing the chance of getting false signals

2. i used to take the signal as it is fit with the direction of larger time frame, i.e if 1 hour says buy then i will only take buy signals from 5 mins, this is not to increase my chance of winning but to lessen the chance of getting false signals

this however is not effective as you will only get one way to profit, while one of the strongest potential in forex is getting two ways to profit

3. Daily, 4H, 1H and 1H, 15Min, 5 Min are the best combination. NEVER USE MORE THAN 3 TIMEFRAMES. been there and will not repeat again

now how many hours you have for forex each day? if it is less than 12 hours a day then go for the 1,15,5 combination

hope this help