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May 30, 2017

I want only 1 pip everyday

Noobs, go away.

For pro’s. Do you know the way how to earn 1 pip everyday trading on forex?
I trade 3 lots at once. That’s 30$ per trade. 20 days = 600$. On 5 accounts that’s enough for me (3000$). That’s all i want. Do you know the way how could i achieve this?

I see, well that’s not a lot to ask for, I mean how difficult can it be right?

Ok so that’s reward taken care of, how about risk, what would you want to do about that?

Ok so it got moved to the rookie section, I guess it deserves a reply….

Like EmeraldEyes said, the spread alone is going to be greater than your potential reward, and then there are inevitably going to be losing trades.

Think about it, you’ll see that it’s really not a feasible plan.

Instead of wasting your time and money with this why don’t you simply learn how to trade, it’s not that difficult. Sure it takes time to become proficient but the rewards at the end of it make it worth while.

Good Luck!

Instead of 3 lots and 5 pairs, why not just go with 1 pair and 15 lots? Same math, and less trouble with spread all things considered.

If you actually spent some time demo trading like this you’d see why for yourself, and stop wasting your time with stupid threads like this one.

I have a easy way. Take a trade with no SL, long if you flip the coin Heads, and Short if you flip tails, and take profit at 1 pip. This will give you 1 pip most of the days. On the days that you don’t hit 1pip profit, trade double the size and if that fails, next day 3x the size, eventually you will cover the deficit of pips and you can reduce the size of the trade to the original amount. There you go…

Going for only 1 pip on a daily basis puts you in a position to have to be deadly accurate on each trade, since your risk to reward is off. If you are more of a Fundamental Analysis type of trader then you trade around news which can be volatile and a higher chance of slippage. I know your not using a position trading approach since it requires that you hold your positions for longer than 1 pip. If you are a Technical Analysis Trader then you trade based on setups, patterns and levels. The risk on each trade is predicated on how many pips are being risked in the setup. I think it is pretty hard to find a setup with a risk of 1 pip even on the 1Min chart. Using this strategy forces you to do the opposite of what successful traders do and that is cut losses short and let profits run. If your bias is correct and you kill your trade at 1 pip leaving profits on the table. If your using a 1 pip stop-loss you are more likely going to have more losses then winners since the markets can can have pull backs if price runs away from your entry like it does on most trades your done. In order to gain 1 pip your going to have to gain 2-3 pips to make up for the spread or any commissions if any. This puts your risk to reward lope sided and heavier on the risk side. If you are not using a stop loss then your account will experience huge draw downs since you are not establishing your risk amount before you enter the trade. Overall this approach will lead to losing your hard earned money.
This is a common newbie mistake, to work the maths so that 1 pip per day can make you a living and then to look for a way to make “just one pip” each and every day with a 100% win rate strategy. Price fluctuates all over the place every day, so of course we could make just 1 pip per day, right? Wrong.

First of all, the moment you enter you will be 1.5 – 3 pips in the negative due to spread so price will have to move 2.5 – 4 pips in your favour to hit your 1 pip target. It’s not possible to enter and have price move even a few pips in your favour every single time you enter. There will inevitably be times when price runs away from your entry right off the bat. In fact it will happen more often than you might think. I could give you a simple strategy that will earn you 1 pip per trade most of the time, but not all the time. And what do you do those times price runs against you without hitting your 1 pip target? Where will you exit the market?

Many of us have had the same idea as you but trust us, the 1 pip per day plan is a no go unless you have the capital to move the market or get a total trade transaction of 0.5 pips or less. And even then it would be difficult and you would still need a good positive expectancy strategy to pull it off.

The risk is too high. Yes you will have an insanely high win rate, but your average loss will ultimately outweigh all of the gains… and then some (assuming your account is $100,000 or less).

Ironically, if you took the opposite approach of risking only 1 pip for an open ended gain, you stand an equal chance of catching a good run. One problem with this approach is not knowing when to let the profit continue to run. You would have to set a target at some point in this direction also. Wouldn’t it be funny if your take profit in this direction was all the previous loss plus 1 pip. LOL. There is also the possibility of falling so deep into negative that recovery is not possible or takes too long to recover making it an economically unfeasible investment.