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January 17, 2017

What is your trading advantage?

Before you rush to answer, if you thought about answering you do not have one. Those leeches who thought this thread is about sharing ideas from others I love to disappoint you. I started this thread in order to mention something for the newbies and maybe one or two will understand.

There are plenty of great traders out there and each of them my have an advantage they worked out over years and years of hard work and trading. They have something which works great for them and allows them to achieve consistent profits. They will never share their trading advantage and they should not.

Those running around advertising and talking about their advantage and willing to share them in exchange for fees do not have one and exploit newbies lack of patience when it comes to learning how to trade. Don’t waste your time and money leeching, put in the hard work and learn how to trade or keep losing your money as you approach it the wrong way.